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Dreams at Mt Rainier

For Giddens Website. Not in the gallery.

55 x 60 Acrylic

This piece was inspired by our amazing trip there this summer. It is a large 55 x 60 painting with 1.5 inch painted sides. Ready to hang, no need to frame. It will captivate you and your guests with rich deep colors of red, blues, deep purple, and oranges. The white could be the mountain or a waterfall. I am hearing both. There are layers of color, adding depth, movement and texture. The waterfalls, trees, mountains, rivers, wildlife…amazing. We spent days hiking and having picnics in the woods. To me there is nothing that brings you back to your beginnings more than being in a quiet nature setting. But back to the painting, this piece takes me to places like Mt. Rainier in my mind. You feel like you’re under the tree. I hope you enjoy it and let your worries go while you look at this.