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  • “The Making of Dallas” – Christina Fitch


    “The Making of Dallas” – Christina Fitch

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 48”

    Mixed Media

    “In this painting of modern of Dallas, I joined some of the images of what has made it the city it is today; Covered wagons, oil wells, and the moment before the assassination of President Kennedy.”

  • “Grapevine in View” – Christina Fitch


    “Grapevine in View”

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 48”

    Mixed Media

    “With Grapevine Lake in the background, this painting depicts a view of downtown Grapevine.  Notable is the historic feed mill in the foreground with Main Street surrounded on both sides by the modern, upscale shops and restaurants that make Grapevine one of the top destinations in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.”

  • Successful Hunt – Santiago II


    Successful Hunt

    Framed 20 X 16”

    Oil on canvas

    “My friend Daniel, a professional photographer, took an amazing picture of this beautiful bird with its prey.  He works hard for the preservation of wildlife.  His picture really inspired me to paint it.”

  • Embrace – Regina Davis



    Framed 19.5 x 15.5″

    Oil and gold leaf on canvas board

    “The quiet comforting embrace we feel when we rely on The higher being.”

  • Breathing Peace – Regina Davis


    Breathing Peace

    Oil on Canvas

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 20″

    “Wings are the symbol of lightness, spirituality, the possibility of flying and rising up to heaven. Wings are the expression of the aspiration of the soul towards a higher than human condition, in other words the aspiration to transcend the human condition.”

  • Dandelion – Regina Davis



    Gallery Wrap 24 x 20″

    Oil on canvas

    “Most modern admirers consider it a symbol of fighting through the challenges of life and emerging victorious on the other side.  It is also commonly believed that if you are able to blow all seeds at one time, a wish will come true!’

  • Looking Through Butterflies – Regina Davis


    Looking Through Butterflies

    Framed 25.5 x 21.5”

    Oil and Gold Leaf on board


    Butterflies, are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. They also symbolize great transformation and personal growth, so seeing these creatures often calls you to look within at areas that you can improve upon.’

  • Drawing Flower Bliss – Regina Davis


    Drawing Flower Bliss

    Vintage Framed 15 x 17”


    “This is one of the first drawings I made for the series “Flower Bliss” representing the way we choose to see our own life.”

  • Flying Thoughts – Regina Davis


    Flying Thoughts 

    Vintage Framed 15.5 x 15.5

    Graphite on paper

    “Have you ever thought of flying?”

  • Becoming – Regina Davis



    Gallery Wrap 24 x 48″

    Oil on canvas


    “This painting tells a story of a Mother. How from nothing she emerges into her own nature, becoming it. Blinding herself with her new nature, blinded with love, melting into flowers.”

  • Heart and Mind – Regina Davis


    Heart and Mind

    Gallery Wrap 20 x 16”

    Oil on linen

    “The eternal struggle between heart and mind. How precious each thought or each feeling is represented in within the gold leaf.”

  • The Weight of Flowers – by Regina Davis


    The Weight of Flowers – by Regina Davis

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 46”

    Oil on linen

    “Sometimes life struggles are called a weight, represented as a “Cross” in Christianity. In this painting, the weight we carry is what makes us stronger, makes us who we are today. The weight of flowers is a representation of that weight. How after all, it becomes beautiful, intricate, delicate but at the same time, strong and powerful.”