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  • Snowstorm – Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl



    Gallery Wrap 30 x 30”

    Mixed media/resin on birch panel

    “Driving through a whiteout is frightening & beautiful.”

  • Skyline – Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl



    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24”

    Mixed media/resin on birch panel

    “Abstracting the horizon in the blink of an eye.”

  • Summer 2020 – Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl


    Summer 2020

    24 x 24” Gallery Wrap

    Mixed media/resin on birch panel

    “Heat in the fields, Golden skies lighting the way across the sea.”

  • Virus Abstract I & II Diptych – Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl


    Virus Abstract I & II Diptych

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 36” each

    48 x 36″

    Mixed media on canvas

    “During quarantine, energy that was spent with friends face-to-face went on the canvas.”

  • St. George & the Dragon – Kristi A Zatyko


    St. George & the Dragon

    Round 46″


    “We all love the underdog, don’t we?  St. George is the ultimate underdog, facing a dragon to save a Princess.  To make their people feel good under royal rule, St. George was declared the patron saint of England.  There are sculptures of this scene on building cornerstones all over the country. 
    The subject of the painting was not decided until half way through the process.  I chose colors and applied them to the canvas with a squeegee.  While painting, my imagination saw a dragon in the strokes, then a man.  After that, the paint was applied with more purpose to achieve an image of the old story.
    The colors I chose, and the near mythological story depicted, reminded me of traditional Greek vases.  Hence, the painting is treated like one of these vases that are painted the same way to this day.”

  • Eyes Everywhere – Kristi A Zatyko


    Eyes Everywhere

    Framed 16 x 20″

    Collage & Graphite

    “Think 1984, think World War Two, think about all the cameras currently mounted on buildings and hung from traffic lights.
    You’ve got it.”

  • Gotham – Kristi A Zatyko



    Framed 16 x 20″

    Collage & Ink

    “There have been many popular styles of art and decoration through the years.  This is Art Deco.  It’s a time period, a building style, a font, and the setting for my favorite super hero, Batman.  Gotham is New York City.”

  • Infanta Arcs – Kristi A Zatyco


    Infanta Arcs

    Framed 11 x 14″

    Collage, pastel, graphite

    “An infanta is a princess who is not heir to the throne. The Infanta was Margarita Teresa of Spain who was betrothed to the Holy Roman Emperor at a very young age.  Since he had to wait years until she came of age, paintings were periodically painted by Diego Velázquez and sent to the Emperor.  These iconic images have stolen the hearts of Spain and spread around the world.  Huge Infanta-like sculptures were displayed in the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City last year.  Any person who has taken an art history class would recognize her. 
    Part of The Infanta’s appeal, aside from the fact that she’s pretty, is her wardrobe.  The dresses are very architectural with huge frames under the skirts.  The arcs and circles in this painting follow the profile lines of the figure and express this ideal. “

  • Moon Shadows – Jill Danahey


    Moon Shadows

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24”

    Acrylic on Canvas

    “I began the painting with thoughts of introspection, but my usual bold colors were all wrong. With a series of white washes and lifting, I achieved a moody, soft and dreamlike feel.”

  • Carpet of Flowers – Jill Danahey


    Carpet of Flowers

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24”

    Acrylic on Canvas

    “I don’t often paint flowers, but while in Prague, I took several photos of the Palace gardens. A walkway was lined with these amazing purple flowers and horizontal leaves that formed a carpet as they lay across the space.”

  • A Rare Glimpse – Kelly Gowan


    A Rare Glimpse

    Gallery Wrap Birchwood Panel 25 x 25″


    “Agate, Geodes and any kind of stones I find beautiful. This painting was created from looking at a stunning red agate stone. It is done in resin, created with inks, a blow torch and manipulated with my hands. “

  • Peace Within – Kelly Gowan


    Peace Within

    Gallery Wrap Birchwood Panel 28.5 x 28.5″

    3D Resin

    Click for short video

    “I love the hidden dove in this painting and how as the closer you look the more you see it and how it is cut into the wood. I love what a dove represents; peace and hope.”