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About Us

Located in the Historic District of Grapevine, Giddens Gallery of Fine Art was founded September 1, 2012 by John and Cherie Giddens.  September 1, 2023 the Giddens retired.  Michele Wilson is the new Owner/Artist of Giddens Gallery.  She is comitted to HONORing God of the bible the giver of gifts with our gift of art.   Giddens Gallery acknowledge the significance of art in the everyday lives of all.  The Gallery is proud to present a carefully curated collection of contemporary and traditional fine art, featuring stunning paintings and sculptures by a select group of mid-career and established contemporary artists many of which have been acquired into private, corporate, and museum collections.

Giddens Gallery of Fine Art MISSION

At Giddens Gallery of Fine Art, our mission is to do God’s will by recognizing The God of the bible as creating all things for his pleasure Revelation 4:11. We promote the intrinsic value of art in every person’s life, without regard for education or income.  We are committed to curating an exceptional collection of contemporary fine art that challenges boundaries, sparks dialogue, and evokes emotions.  By providing a platform for artists to exhibit their work and share their stories, we aim to foster a vibrant artistic community and support the growth and development of emerging and underrepresented talents.  Through our events and networking, we seek to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for art, enriching the cultural fabric of our society.  We are dedicated to creating an Godly, welcoming space that encourages exploration, creativity and the exchange of ideas.



Meet The Owner

Michele D Wilson


Michele started her painting journey August 2022.  She saw an art piece she wanted.  She felt like it was out of her budget.  She didn’t know anything about art at all.  She researched how to create wall art.  She didn’t know anything about canvases or Art Galleries.  She purchased her first canvas in August 2022.   She didn’t know anything about acrylic or oil paint.  She purchased her first acrylic paint the latter part of August 2022.  Through fear she held on to the canvas and paint for 3 weeks prior to attempting to create anything.  She prayed and asked God to remove the fear. God removed the fear, and she went on the create a gallery hallway in her home.

With her home being filled with art on just about every wall.  She stopped painting for about 2 months.  A family friend came over for the Thanksgiving holiday and she purchased a painting off the wall in her home.  This is how LYFE paintings was birthed.

Michele’s passion for God’s Kingdom agenda to be accomplished here on earth through her art shows in every piece. My goal is to exhibit the creativity, love and will of our Creator God- Jehovah in my art.

September 1, 2023 Michele and her husband purchased Giddens Gallery of Fine Arts located in the historic district of Grapevine (624 S Main St).  This purchase made her the 1st African American owned Art gallery in Historic Grapevine.  In February 2024 she was featured on CBS 11 and Fort Worth Star-Telegram in celebration of Black History month.

Michele’s motto is: God blessed me with this gift, and I have dedicated my gift of art back to him.  Revelations 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.  Everything we are and have belong to God.   May God be Glorified in ALL Things!


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