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Naomi Brotherton

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Naomi Brotherton – SWS NWO TWS WFWS

Naomi’s interest and fascination for drawing and painting began at age 6 and has not diminished. Although Macular Degeneration has plagued her eyesight for several years, her passion to paint pushes her through to continue painting her creation of masterpieces.
Her acclaims are many. Among them is her earned privilege of Signature member of Southwestern Watercolor Society (SWS), National Watercolor Oklahoma (NWO), Texas Watercolor Society (TWS), and Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) comprised of 12 Watercolor Societies from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, San Diego and Utah. To earn a ‘Signature’ status with these, or any other Art Organization requires multiple acceptances to that organization’s exhibitions. Having just one such Signature acclimate is a major accomplishment for an artist but Naomi’s work has earned her a place in four; quite an accomplishment and a testament to the talent and gifting of Naomi.

Naomi’s Story
Naomi was born in 1920 and her first recollection of art instruction was at age 6. Her parents would put a pencil and paper in her hand to keep her quiet during church and a lady sitting next to her showed her how to draw wavy hair. Drawing became her main interest which, in school, resulted in only average grades. Drawing was considered “play” and still is today.
Naomi sought and achieved her Art Degree at Baylor but was enthusiastic and took many more art classes than were required for her degree. From Baylor she started working in commercial art, a direction of pursuit for about 25 years. This included a stint in NYC where she attended the Art Students League for a couple of years and painted/exhibited in Carnegie Hall. “Yes, I made it to the Carnegie Hall,” says Naomi.
Watercolor is her preferred medium and through the years she has attended workshops taught by some of the best nationally known watercolorists.
Because of Naomi’s attained expertise with watercolor, a book, “Variations in Watercolor”, was written about Naomi’s work. It was sold through a national art book club, resulting in invitations and her seeing much of the United States and Bermuda as she traveled to teach her ways with watercolor with emphasis on’ times of day’ and ‘kinds of weather’.
As you can see from Naomi’s story, she has painted most all of her life and spent the last 33 years sharing Artisan’s Studio/Gallery as her ‘Home Base’ for teaching and creativity. Although Naomi continues to paint a limited stash of her work is now being made available at Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine. Not only is her art work accredited and in the upper echelon of gifted artists, but is an excellent ‘Fine Art’ investment.

I’ve known Naomi for a bunch of years, had the opportunity to take lessons from her and more than anything, the opportunity to be her friend. Amazing artist. If you have not had the opportunity to see her work, do so now. If you have the opportunity to meet Naomi, don’t miss it.
My favorite story about Naomi: On her 90th birthday she taught classes at her gallery and studio most of the day. After getting ready to leave and go to the Southwest Watercolor Society meeting where a society birthday party was held for her, she told her studio partner… “I’m a little tired today”. Love it.
Ken Reese

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