He Forbids No One 3D – Michael Frank Peterson


He Forbids No One 3D

15″ X 20” x 5”

Oil on six layers of tempered glass in stained Walnut Base

“’He Forbids No One’ is the most epic sculpture I’ve done as of this writing. It is not my usual subject as most of my subjects are of nature. However, it is near and dear to my heart. The Savior forbids no one to come to Him. He accepts people of all races, nationalities, genders, political and personal persuasions. He sends no one away. All He requires is that an individual chooses to come to Him on His terms. It’s all the individual’s choice as to whether he/she will come.

This is a perspective sculpture, meaning that when it is viewed from straight ahead, it all fits together. When it’s viewed from anywhere but straight ahead, the image falls apart. It’s fascinating to see how the layers fit together and then separate from each other when the viewer shifts from one view to another.”

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