Scatter Sunshine 3D – Michael Frank Peterson


Scatter Sunshine

12.25”H X 12.5″W X 3″D

Oil on annealed glass

Dark stained walnut brackets & six layers of glass.

“Quaking Aspens are one of my favorite trees in a forest. Growing up in American Fork, Utah, I would love driving the Alpine Loop and seeing all the Aspens as I got to higher elevation.
As I started this piece, it was going to be a meadow of greenery with the trees but after some self-debate and grumbling, I decided to paint in Sun Flowers to add more interest. While I was painting them, a children’s song kept coming to my mind called ‘Scatter Sunshine’.”  So while I was painting, I kept hearing ‘Scatter Sunshine all along the way…..etc.’ Even now it still comes to mind when I look at this sculpture and makes me happy.”

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