Jerome Weilmuenster

Although I have worked in several media, I have found that wood is all at once the most demanding and the most forgiving and the most rewarding. About twenty years ago I started chip carving, and that work has evolved into organic sculptures. For the most part, I work with re-purposed or recycled wood from trees that have already been cut down or fallen down, but some sculptures require new wood from managed forests.

Before a sculpture is started, I carefully consider the shape, texture and color hues of the wood grain. The wood will let me know if it wants to be a bowl, a desk accessory or simply a conversation piece. While the typical sculpture can be quite large, a smaller piece can evolve from an interesting piece of wood.

My goal is to create a piece that will involve the observer, hopefully with an emotional response.

Jerome Weilmuenster's Artwork

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Showing all 24 results