Solitude 3D – Michael Frank Peterson


Solitude 3D

11.5”H X 15”W X 4.5″D

Oil on tempered glass, brackets of walnut and six layers of glass

“When my daughter was young, she had a “thing” about wolves. She loves all animals, and the wolf was one of her favorites. When I came across a photo of a wolf, I automatically thought of her and I had a ‘daddy’ moment.

I love the colors of fall because I grew up in Utah where the fall colors are plentiful. The colors in this painting gives a warm and welcoming feeling. The forest and fall colors bring back memories.

This sculpture reminds me of when I retreat to be alone with my thoughts. It’s those peaceful times I can think, meditate, and look over my life to see what is working and what is not; then plan accordingly.”

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