Jill Danahey

Jill started drawing and painting as a child. Such joy and satisfaction came from her art that she took every available opportunity in school to take art classes. Once it was time to start college there was no doubt that she wanted to integrate her love of art creations into her studies.

She began at Texas Tech where she majored in Advertising Art and Design however the creativity draw inspired the move to Valdosta State University in Georgia, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her passion to improve her skills did not stop there as she continued to paint and study with acclaimed artist. Jill’s mastery of art and beautiful creations have emerged through her love of art, God given talent and learned techniques.

Working primarily in acrylic, color is always her focus. Jill usually chooses real subjects, but her creativity explodes as she pushes the boundaries with color and by doing so, creates pieces that are treasured by those that have her work.

Jill Danahey's Artwork

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Showing 1–48 of 51 results