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Spectral Color – Betty Grummer

Spectral Color – Betty Grummer


Spectral Color

Framed 21 x 17

Acrylic on Canvas

In this painting the subject is insignificant. I was interested in exploring the concepts of shape, color and texture. I became fascinated with texture when I observed the various barks on trees such as found on the pine and cypress. I began this painting by covering it with a heavy layer of modeling paste.  I then proceeded by carving little marks into the paste with the handle of a brush. After the paste dried it was time to think about color and shapes. There are several layers of color which allowed a little of each layer to become visible. The colors were applied intuitively while I arranged and rearranged shapes and color until I was satisfied that I had reached my goal. The time I spent with this project led me to a fun and enjoyable experience and the desire to try again using a palette of different colors and different shapes.

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