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  • Lilies That Float – Naomi Brotherton


    Lilies That Float

    17 x 23 Unframed


    To capture the essence of the flower petals, I try to convey the fresh, soft and bright qualities of most flowers. The newspaper had a story with photos stating that a family had donated their collection of water lilies to the park department, and it was only a few blocks from where we were painting. It was my first chance to see them in living form – a new challenge.

  • Leaf Patterns – Naomi Brotherton


    Leaf Patterns

    14 x 18

    Unframed Watercolor

    Anywhere we look we can find abstract patterns, and this is particularly found in leaf forms. Selecting a color scheme, not necessarily in nature’s colors, gives one the freedom of partial abstraction and strong contrast of values. This subject can fit into any venue.

  • Glimpse of Spring – Naomi Brotherton


    Glimpse of Spring

    14 x 21 Unframed


    The bright colors of the Ranunculus played against the white tulips brings to life the excitement of spring’s glory. The softness of the petal is expressed in this piece.

  • Fresh Market – Naomi Brotherton


    Fresh Market

    20 x 25 Framed



    The local markets in Mexico open before dawn. Most are outdoors with tarps stretched over the produce to keep it fresh. I was fascinated with the drape of those tarps and the lighting caused by their translucent quality.

  • Fishing Cove 2 – Naomi Brotherton


    Fishing Cove 2

    14 x 21 Unframed


    As a native of East Texas, I knew many good fishing holes. The ponds, lakes or rivers were always surrounded with trees. This is no particular spot, but a chance to paint our precious trees which provide our oxygen. And our craft awaits our boarding. Let’s go fishing!

  • Collector’s Items – Naomi Brotherton


    Collector’s Items

    14 x 21 Unframed


    My host in New Mexico once allowed me to see his garage and storage/work room where I found an abundance of fascinating objects for still life. He must have known their worth because he wouldn’t part with any, but did let me borrow for a few hours. For this painting, I selected a color scheme and kept it working throughout the painting. It earned me a credit for my SWS Signature membership many years ago.

  • Close the Gate Please – Naomi Brotherton


    Close the Gate Please

    14 x 19 Unframed


    As we drive across country, we know the long rows of trees designate a fence line where bird droppings started the growth many years before. Those fence rows have been my subject many times. In this case visitors could locate the gate because of the two tall trees.

  • Careful, Don’t Touch – Naomi Brotherton


    Careful, Don’t Touch

    14 x 21 Unframed


    Inspired by the rough character of the subject, the watercolor paper was textured with small pieces of various rice papers which made it appear to have a low relief sculptural surface. For contrast the space behind the cactus was left without the texture. All materials used are archival.

  • Canyon Land – Naomi Brotherton


    Canyon Land

    30 x 33 Framed


    After a painting trip to the Canyons in the Rockies, this collage took form from a couple of paintings that I considered dispensable, capturing the depth of that terrain in a different way but still watercolor and paper.

  • Alpine Waterfall – Naomi Brotherton


    Alpine Waterfall

    30 x 22

    Framed Watercolor

    While painting in Switzerland, I became interested in the anatomy of the waterfalls. Rock formations trap the water as it falls from above, a pool forms and the water seeks an exit between the rocks, hence another waterfall. In the tall mountains, this pattern may be repeated many times before reaching the lake or stream at the bottom.

  • After Hours – Naomi Brotherton


    After Hours

    21 x 28

    Framed Watercolor


    Establishing the MYSTERY of NIGHT is my aim by having small lit areas, and large dark silhouettes. The source of light is usually limited to interior lights, street lights, or moon light.

  • Wooed by the Light – Sara Joseph


    Wooed by the Light

    Gallery Wrapped 24 x 24

    Oil on Canvas

    How precious is the light that dispels darkness in the human soul!