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  1. Thank you! Loved visiting the gallery & with the artists!

  2. Loved everything. First time and will be back.

    Allyson Pennington
  3. Beautiful pieces.

  4. If money were no object, I would buy all of Rosemary’s art.
    I am pleased to own one painting which is the first thing seen when entering my home.
    Her work gives me joy!

  5. I stopped by the gallery back in August and found two wonderful paintings for my home. One of them, “Evening Glow,” by Cheri Giddins, was a small, unframed acrylic I got from the bin by the register. I have since framed it, but haven’t yet decided where I want it to hang. For the time being it sits on my dresser, where I can see it every morning when I wake up. It brings me joy every day. Who knows? Perhaps it will stay on the dresser for a long time to come!

    • Thank you, Gigi, for letting us know how much you liked the paintings. We always like to hear from our clients.
      John & Cherie Giddens

  6. Beautiful artwork on display. Very welcoming gallery.

  7. Beautiful gallery! Love the unique works.

  8. Friendly, not “fussy” environment. Yet a truly awe-inspiring art experience.

  9. If you’re a true fine art lover and/or collector without a millionaires budget, then moment you walk in you know you’re in the right place.

    I was originally drawn to Giddens because I was looking specifically for Manuel Sarmiento’s new ‘home’ after the Artisan’s Collective in the BAD closed down (wahhhh) & found he has quite a bit of work here. Also my daughter needed to research female artists for her an art class assignment, so I just happened to be able to have my cake and eat it too here.

    That day we both accomplished our goals and she walked away with a plethora of (LOCAL) artists to be inspired by and bring to the attention of her instructors and classmates; I walked away with 3 pieces I LOVE. Two pieces (a sculpture and table) by Manuel Sarmiento & a diptych by Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl.

    Let me also say that a great bonus to this gallery is that it’s staffed by said artists, not just someone there just for a paycheck. What a joy to be able to speak with them about their work, hear their stories & see their passion for their craft. There’s nothing like having a direct connection to the artists themselves.

    But don’t fret, they know not only about their own work but have vast knowledge on all of the Gallery happenings and other artists showing in this gallery. So ask away about anything and if they don’t know the answer they will jump through hoops to get it. Talk about Service! I was so impressed with the time and energy spent on both myself and my daughter in our different goals for the trip.

    AND when you’re talking about Service, they not only delivered but the OWNERS of the gallery delivered to me. They are incredibly friendly, helpful and treat your new art and home with great respect and care. Cherie is also an artist featured in her gallery as well & it shines through that she truly loves both aspects of her profession; both being an artist AND representing the wonderful artists she curates.

    Don’t miss this gallery if you are out shopping for art or if you’re just in Grapevine and want a lovely experience seeing local artists’ works.


    UPDATE: kiddo had an assignment to hunt down artists to showcase at class again. I bought art again! It’s impossible to resist when there are some truly remarkable artists represented here. Shockingly I didn’t walk away with a Sarmiento piece this time. Picked up a watercolor by Naomi Brotherton that I’d eyed last time & couldn’t stand to lose the chance to own this time around. The pic I took is awful, but if you know your art mediums, you can clearly see how remarkable it is that this was done in watercolor. Ms. Brotherton is truly mind-blowing in her talent, a master!

    As usual Cherie was helpful, focused, accommodating, knowledgeable, and a bonus; she’s thoughtful. She remembers her clients on sight. She remembers what they bought. She cares!

    GO to GIDDENS!!!

  10. Cherie and John are super people who run the Gallery with honesty and professionalism. The location is very good being next to the Grapevine convention center. Sales have been steady and payment for art sold is always on time. My thanks to Cherie and John for all they’ve done for me.
    Jay Garrison, resident artist

  11. As an artist who has been with Giddens Gallery since it opened nearly 6 years ago, I encourage you to come in to see varied and highly creative works of art. The Gallery is a lovely, inviting space on Main Street in Grapevine, under the winged unicorn. The owners, Cherie and John Giddens are knowledgeable and so helpful. The gallery is often manned by resident artists, also filled with info about his or her medium. There are fun, free receptions monthly that feature additional work by a selected artist. AND…we open up to Bingham wine tasting room next door, so you can have delicious wine with your art any time. Get on our email list to be informed of upcoming events. We really do have something for everyone.
    My own work is abstracted, recognizable subjects in bright colors in acrylic and watercolor, ranging from smaller framed pieces to large canvases.
    Jill Danahey, resident artist

  12. Hey Cherie,

    Another great impressionistic marvel.

    Brad Robertson
  13. Thank you, Susan, for the kind words. Your review is very much appreciated and helpful to those who have interest in visiting our Gallery.

  14. I had such a positive experience with Cherie and John Giddens. I was looking for a painting for some design clients. It was such a pleasant experience with the Giddens. And they represent some wonderful artists.

  15. Wonderful Gallery that offers a nice selection of different artists. The the owners are delightful to work with and have great information on the artists. They are willing to help build your own collection of art!

  16. We have made a few purchases from the gallery over the last few years – from paintings, to a small sculpture to some wine country barrel stave paintings. The diversity of the art on display makes for a very interesting experience and one we look forward to on our next visit.

    Michael Wilkerson
  17. Beautiful work.

  18. Ruth Francis student – love her work.

  19. Beautiful gallery and great art.

  20. Wonderful Gallery!!!

  21. Your gallery is fabulous! Thanks for having us!

  22. Beautiful art!

  23. Very nice pieces of art.

  24. Great. Love found object assemblage

  25. Amazing artwork!!!!

  26. Love gallery. Visiting from Ontario

  27. Just a great collection of oil, mix media and just witty art. Really have to see!

  28. Amazing flight artwork but the glass artwork is breath taking.

  29. I loved Sara Joseph’s art work and words of inspiration.

  30. Thanks for having us today!

  31. Love the local artists you displayed.

  32. Love the Chanels!!

  33. Lovely experience in the gallery

  34. Interesting artists. Enjoyed meeting.

  35. Very lovely Artwork

  36. Excellent art and the Jay Garrison collection is fantastic.

  37. This is a great gallery!

  38. Wonderful art. Love this gallery

  39. Great variations

  40. Incredible talent!

  41. Great Variety

  42. Stunning Pieces.

  43. Lovely experience in the gallery

  44. Beautiful art

  45. Great Art works!

  46. Visiting gallery to meet artists

  47. What a wonderful gallery! Looking forward to future visits!

  48. Enjoyed talking today!

  49. Looking forward to the upcoming reception

  50. Love your gallery!

  51. Excellent

  52. Enjoyed the gallery!

  53. This was an amazing show! Loved it!

  54. I am so happy this gallery is here!


  56. Love the artwork

  57. The art work displayed is beautiful and unique.

  58. Great Artists, Great Place, awesome atmosphere.. Loved it!!!

  59. Love opportunity to support local artist

  60. ENJOYED talking to cherie

  61. Love the piano art

  62. Beautiful gallery

  63. Very beautiful art work

  64. Beautiful and inspiring

  65. Wonderful gallery

  66. Really like Sarmiento’s work.

  67. Love the art

  68. Everything looks so neat !!

  69. Love local art

  70. Lovely artwork

  71. Wonderful gallery

  72. Love it!!! Invite me!!!

  73. Beautiful

  74. Love the glass art

  75. Loved the art work here, will come back soon.

  76. Great works, keep us informed, thanks

  77. Wonderful work

  78. Loved seeing Sarah Joseph’s book about faith and art!

  79. Looking forward to artwalk in Oct

  80. Loved meeting all the artists

  81. Beautiful art work impressive

  82. Enjoyed meeting two of the artists

  83. Beautiful gallery….a treat to visit.

  84. Lovely gallery and wonderful reception!

  85. Beautiful canvas!

  86. Outstanding gallery showing. Thanks Charmaine – beautiful work.

  87. Found Jay Garrison’s work to be uniquely creative.

  88. Beautiful! We love Trudy Atteberry’s work!

  89. Love all the works

  90. Struck by Paula Pillow’s work!

  91. Beautiful gallery….a treat to visit.

  92. love it!!! Love that you have locals, they have amazing work!!

  93. A very welcoming place and beautiful art.

  94. What a great place. Love the wonderful art.

  95. Amazing…Thank you

  96. Beautiful! 🙂

  97. Enjoyed my visit!

  98. Beautiful Gallery

  99. Beautiful I love them all!!!!!!!

  100. Enjoyed gallery night!

  101. Great pieces of work.

  102. Congratulations on your beautiful gallery

  103. I would love information on you art selection process! Love what I see!

  104. Wonderful gallery. Lot of talent!

  105. Enjoyed very much the beautiful work and great variety of mediums.

  106. Amazing Gallery

  107. A wonderful discovery.

  108. love! Very cool stuff!

  109. Love your Gallery.

    Greetings, Gissie Put from Belgium

  110. Amazing art work!!

  111. I like it, coming back!

  112. Instead of searching for art I let art find me. Today “Timeless Window of Grace” by Jackie Railsback found me.

  113. This dove pairing touched me so much I had to come back and get them. They perfectly represent my parents and will become an heirloom of their love for generations to come! Thank You!

  114. Hi Cherie,

    The paintings arrived today. They are perfect. You can tell the artists that they found a good home. We have been collecting art while traveling for over 43 years. It is quite an eclectic collection. A lot has migrated to our homes. If we return to Dallas, I hope we can meet. Tell Jill that I moved an original Howard Behrens oil for her painting. That should make her smile.

    Best regards,

  115. Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of visiting Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine, Texas. If you have the opportunity, please visit this gallery. The Giddens Gallery is full of energy and the artwork is vibrant and well placed. During my visit, I noticed that each visitor was greeted promptly and warmly while being allowed to view at their own discretion. The gallery is a nice addition to the very popular Grapevine Arts District.
    Charmaine Harris

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