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Stormie Parker

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Growing up in northern Arizona, Stormie was inspired by the dramatic landscape and abundance of wildlife. She started her career as an artist in her early teens working carving stone in her family’s jewelry business. After starting ceramic courses at Northern Arizona University she never looked back.

Stormie moved to Germany after leaving N.A.U. and for seven years established ceramic programs, teaching in American communities overseas and exhibiting in various venues. Returning state side she continued teaching and exhibiting throughout the western United States, eventually settling here in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2007.

For twenty five years she has worked as a studio potter, making mostly functional ware and expanding into sculpture gradually until now the majority of her work has become sculptural. She creates animals out of a variety of different clay bodies, bringing them to life with interesting personalities, and finishing them with a wide range of techniques. The jack rabbits that she is most well-known for are characters that may well remind you of somebody you just might know. She says she is thrilled to see them bring a smile to someone’s face, knowing they are enjoying them as much as she enjoys creating them! Being practical by nature she still hasn’t given up on functional ware altogether and sets down at the wheel regularly often combining both techniques to creating distinctive scenes on one of a kind vessels.

Stormie’s most current work is a powerful statement about animal species in peril. Stormie has brought her focus on those in jeopardy. Starting with Elephants, she dramatically depicts their continuing struggle for survival. With over two hundred species on the endangered category list, Stormie plans on continuing her work drawing public attention to the loss of some the most beloved animals on the planet.

Since 1994, Stormie has Shown, Exhibited and Competed in Texas, Arizona and Washington.

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