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  • Pink Floral 1 – Naomi Brotherton


    Pink Floral 1

    Framed 21 x 17

    Watercolor Collage

    For an interesting and unique surface for these paintings, small bits of various rice papers were attached to the surface of 300 lb. paper. The painter enjoys the experience, and the viewer enjoys the mystery of the technique and the beauty of the color.

  • Collector’s Items – Naomi Brotherton


    Collector’s Items

    14 x 21 Unframed


    My host in New Mexico once allowed me to see his garage and storage/work room where I found an abundance of fascinating objects for still life. He must have known their worth because he wouldn’t part with any, but did let me borrow for a few hours. For this painting, I selected a color scheme and kept it working throughout the painting. It earned me a credit for my SWS Signature membership many years ago.

  • Lily of the Valley – Sara Joseph


    Lily of the Valley

    12′ diameter

    Polymer Clay/Handmade Paper

    “I am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valleys.”Sng 2:1

  • Nature’s Sculpture in a Bloom – Naomi Brotherton


    Nature’s Sculpture in a Bloom

    21 x 14

    Unframed Watercolor

    Magnolia Blossoms are like carved sculptures. When painting them, I feel that I am carving out the space between the 9 petals. The leaves are also sculptural.

  • Snow Balls – Ruth Francis


    Snow Balls

    Gallery Wrap 12 x 12″


  • “Make Mine With Mustard” – Ruth Francis


    Make Mine With Mustard

    Gallery Wrap 12 x 12″


  • “Lots of Butter, Please” – Ruth Francis


    Lots of Butter, Please

    Gallery Wrap 12 x 16″


  • Shower of Flowers – Fran Chausse White


    Shower of Flowers

    Framed 30 x 26″


    My pitcher overflows with an aura of beauty!

  • Pear Day 1 – Rosemary Achelpohl


    Pear Day 1

    Framed 11 x 14″


    On my way to the studio I stopped at the market and bought the most beautiful pear I could find. I painted this one and love the light playing upon her colors.

  • Hydrangeas With Dragonfly – Fran Chausse White


    Hydrangeas With Dragonfly

    Framed 20 x 24″


    Dragonfly’s advice to Hydrangeas, let your colors shine and zoom in on your dreams!

  • Thistles in China Vase – Ruth Francis


    “Thistles in China Vase”

    Painting size 18 x 22″

    Framed Oil on Wood Panel

    Grisaille (grizi, grizaya)  (plural: Grisailles)
    Italian masters like Caravaggio first used the grisaille technique to crate the Italian style of chiaroscuro.  From Roam the technique spread throughout Europe.  Dutch master, Vermeer, Rubens and Rembrandt were greatly influenced by this technique and they brought it to its all time high.  First the painting is created only in black, white and gray tones.  This underpainting is the foundation of the finished work and must be created with exact perfection.  Somewhat like a black and white photo.  Then the painting is colorized with multi layers of transparent oil colors.  This produces rich, luminous effects of radiant light and translucent shadows.   Glazing is then sometime used by mixing transparent colors with linseed oil and varnish applied over the dry grisaille painting.
    This is a very time-consuming process and demands both drawing skills and painting skills of the highest level.   Many artists today would not devote the time or skill development to produce a painting using the Grisaille method.  But I find it the most rewarding method of painting.