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  • Oregon Coast Wandering – Rosemary Riddle Achelpohl


    Oregon Coast Wandering

    Framed 9 x 12″


  • Ocean Currents – Betty Watkins


    Ocean Currents

    Gallery Wrap 28 x 22″

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Plastic Oceans – Julia Ross


    Plastic Oceans

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 40″

    Acrylic Palate Knife


    The calm – cool colors in this piece juxtapose against the rigid affects of the palate knife to create OCEANS made of plastic.  17 billion pounds of plastic now live in our oceans, estimated by Ocean Conservancy.  Almost 9 million tons is the amount of plastics that scientists have now estimated flow into the ocean every year from 192 countries with coastal access.

  • Crashing Wave – Julia Ross


    Crashing Wave

    Gallery Wrap Canvas 36 x 24″

    Acrylic and Metallic Ink


    Astoundingly beautiful, full of life, with unimaginable depth, the ocean inspires creativity.  New perspectives are gained with each trip to the beach. Drops of paint begin the process which extends to the canvas and defines a new perspective of landscape, water, sea life and the ever changing ocean climate.  Layers of transparent color and metallic elements combine to relay a calm strength inherent in our oceans.

  • Changing Tides – Julia Ross


    Changing Tides

    Canvas Board 12 x 12″

    Acrylic and Ink with Resin Encased Gallium


    OCEANS series offers new perspectives, gained with each trip to the beach. Drops of paint begin the process which extends to the canvas and defines a new perspective of landscape and the ever changing ocean climate, through deep colors, fire and water to sculpt this piece of art.  

  • Tidal Perspectives – Darya Farral


    Tidal Perspectives

    Framed 21 x 27″

    Oil on Canvas Panel

    In this piece I wanted to capture low contrast and a feeling of togetherness in the face of big and strong nature. To me, it feels like a cool summer dusk on the beach and a sense of connection with one another and with nature.

  • Stormy Journey – Darya Farral


    Stormy Journey

    Framed 24 x 30″

    Oil on Canvas Panel

    For this piece, I wanted to get the feeling of back lit clouds and the cold wet feeling of night waters. These elements combine into deep colors that give that sense of a cold, wet journey home.

  • Haven on the Rocks – Darya Farral


    Haven on the Rocks

    Framed 20 x 26″

    Oil on Canvas Panel

    Lighthouses are fascinating to me and produce a feeling of calm in an otherwise tumultuous scene. Having grown up by the sea in Crimea, I wanted to capture the unmovable safety of a lighthouse in this seascape.

  • Coastal Memories – Darya Farral


    Coastal Memories

    Framed 19 x 22″

    Oil on Canvas Panel

    Beautiful sights in my travels always serve as the inspiration. The feeling of Texas big sky and California’s big waters are combined into an atmospheric painting.

  • A Storm Draws Near – Darya Farral


    A Storm Draws Near

    Framed 20 x 24″

    Oil on Canvas Panel


    I love how clouds look in approaching storms. There is so much definition you almost feel like you can touch them, like they are a solid thing. The colors in them bring a feeling of a cool breeze and the smell of rain. I also love the colors in deep water. Couple this with the clouds and it makes for a thick blend of color and feeling.

  • Separation of the Firmament – Sara Joseph


    Separation of the Firmament

    Framed 20 x 24

    Polymer Clay