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Santiago II

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My name is Santiago II Aguirre Meléndez. I was born in 1970 in Saltillo, Mexico, a small city in which my mother, my three siblings and I grew up.

Since I was a boy, I’ve always enjoyed any and all kinds of art. Although in a shy manner, drawing and painting have always been present in my life.

In 1977, after the passing of my father, my mother began working at the city public library. She would take me with her every day to that ‘foreign’ place that would introduce me to the world of art. During my walks in the building, I started noticing that there were not only books whose pages contained letters, but also books with images in them. Day to day I sought to find those magical books with illustrations that made my imagination bounce off the walls. I would observe paintings carefully, looking for the details that made them unique, wondering how they were done and dreaming about making them one day.

As I grew older, I also grew in my understanding that art is a limitless form of expression. When we are born, the first thing we see are colors, shapes, textures, and symmetry. With the passing of time, our visual tastes are developed.

For 43 years, I suppressed the art that, so ardently, wished to be born from within me. I dedicated my time to living, seeing, traveling, raising my two children, and getting to know my dreams.

Then one day it happened. I finally accepted and embraced that art was coming out of my pores and that my art wasn’t shy anymore but passionate and energetic. As professionally as an amateur artist could aspire to be, that day I decided to be an ARTIST. I took art courses, painting courses and studied Caravaggio and Rembrandt among other great contemporary artists; all the while creating art pieces that helped satisfy my hunger and drive to paint. Not only did I attend various art exhibitions, I was even accepted to exhibited my work at the Dallas Museum of Art and Latino Cultural Center of Dallas.

I now live in the United States, a country that has inspired me to keep feeding my desires to paint and to express what I see and what I am. With hours of work, sacrifices and passion, each one of my paintings has a different story. In my quenchless desire, I continue travelling this world in which I get to tell stories with paintbrushes, color, and a lot of heart.

I do hope you enjoy my work. Each piece is an expression, a story, a release and a quenchless desire to create paintings.

Santiago II

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