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  • Raymond of Ghana – Nancy Conant


    Raymond of Ghana

    Framed 38 x 32


    Raymond is a very good friend of our family. This kind-hearted man has the most beautiful skin and graciously accepted to “sit” for a group of us, so we could paint him from life. What a trooper! Thanks Raymond! Nothing hones in your skills like painting from life. There is so much more to see than what the camera gives you; nuances that the photo just can’t catch.

  • Dream Rider – Nancy Conant


    Dream Rider

    Framed 22 x 26


    This painting has been marinating in my mind for years. I dreamed of painting a little girl on a carousel.

    Remembering what a magical moment it was for my daughters to ride the merry-go-round was my inspiration. Fast forward 10 years, and one of those daughters ended up being the photographer for the photo shoot for “Dream Rider”!

  • Where’s Bekah? – Nancy Conant

    Where’s Bekah?

    Unframed 18 x 25



    This piece may have taken a while to paint, but for obvious reasons, I couldn’t help but have fun with it. It was taken from a photo shot of my daughter, Bekah on her bed, while she was surrounded with all her beloved buddies. Her three year old mind really believed we couldn’t find her when we enthusiastically inquired, “Where’s Bekah”?! I can still hear her squeals of delight and excitement.

  • Yomi – Nancy Conant



    Framed 32 x 19


    Yomi is a precious young lady who attends the same high school as my daughter, Rebekah.

    This young lady is as beautiful on the inside, as she is on the out; Yomi graciously agreed to “model” for me so I could paint her portrait. As a portrait artist, I tend to “study” people and their unique features. The moment I saw Yomi, I said, “I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO PAINT HER!”

  • Looking For Rain – Ruth Francis


    Looking For Rain

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24

    Acrylic on Canvas

    American Grey Wolf

  • The Dance – Betty Watkins


    The Dance


    40 x 28


    There were 4 wild peacocks with their fan tails spread trying to get the attention of a pea hen. It make a beautiful spectacle. I couldn't help but try to capture the moment.

  • The Appearance – Betty Watkins


    The Appearance


    28 x 22



  • Buffalo Portrait – Betty Watkins


    Buffalo Portrait


    28 x 22


    I was greatly impressed by the buffalo in Yellowstone National Park. They have a fierce power about them.

  • Willie Nelson – Betty Watkins


    Willie Nelson


    19 x 23


    All those wrinkles were just too interesting to not try and capture his wild Texas spirit.

  • Willing – Sara Joseph



    Unframed 15 x 22



    “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.” John 15:4

  • The Ready Bride – Sara Joseph


    The Ready Bride

    Gallery Wrap 20 x 26

    Oil on Linen

    This painting is symbolic of the Bride of Christ ready for His return.

  • Wooed by the Light – Sara Joseph


    Wooed by the Light

    Gallery Wrapped 24 x 24

    Oil on Canvas

    How precious is the light that dispels darkness in the human soul!