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Nancy Conant

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  • Horse Eye – Nancy Conant


    Horse Eye

    Framed 18 x 14


    This gypsy cob foal is so fascinating to me. As an artist, the eyes are the most intriguing feature on people as well as animals. I can’t wait to get to that part of the painting. Sometimes, I will “do” the eyes first; then it seems it’s calling out to me, begging to be completed and made whole.

  • Kindred Spirits – Nancy Conant


    Kindred Spirits

    Framed 26 x 20


    This beautiful couple of Friisians originate from the Netherlands. The tenderness shared between these two is so beautiful. I love to witness animals expressing love towards one another.

    You can’t tell me they don’t have feelings! They most certainly do!

  • Lark – Nancy Conant



    Framed 22 x 26


    Back some time ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Wings of Hope Equine-therapy. This place offers horseback riding to people with disabilities. “My horse” was Lark. A beautiful and gentle girl with the softest coat! She was just amazing and lovely! So, like I do with that which inspires me – I painted her. This is my sweet LARK.

  • My Girl Lark – Nancy Conant


    My Girl Lark

    Framed 22 x 21


    This is my second painting of Lark that I did. She makes a beautiful subject to paint. Lark was my Equine-Therapy horse for folks with disabilities.

    I went to the ranch one day specifically to photograph her. It was a blast! This usually docile, gentle girl started prancing around us, giving us quite the show! . I could hardly keep up with her.

    I guess she has some spunk after all. 

  • Out To Pasture – Nancy Conant


    Out To Pasture

    Framed 20 x 26


    This white Arabian is a beautiful mare and is from a large heard of Arabian horses from Tarnawka Stud in Poland. Oh how glorious she must have been in her prime. The sun setting behind her is so symbolic to me; how we all, at one point in time, will have the sun set on our lives. May we be as graceful as she.

  • The Arabian Stallion’s Song – Nancy Conant


    The Arabian Stallion’s Song

    Framed 26 x 20


    I love the mystique from The Arabian Stallion’s Song. I can just hear this beautiful and powerful creature calling out for his beloved in the cool night air.

  • Penny Pie Penny – Nancy Conant

    Penny Pie Penny



    This is the latest addition to my Dad’s household. This is Penny. My dog poops, bigger than Penny is!  She’s a Chihuahua and she’s one little monster. But, Dad loves her and he sure was in need of a friend.

  • Xoey – Nancy Conant



    Framed 22 x 18


    This beauty was a participant in the contest I held in early 2014 to “Win a Free Painted Pet Portrait”. She made the Top 25, but didn’t win the contest. I secretly hoped she would win – I just had to paint her! So, I got in touch with her mom, who gave me permission to paint her and the rest is history!

  • Snuggle Buddies – Nancy Conant

    Snuggle Buddies

    Unframed 20 x 16



    I first saw this photograph on the internet and fell in love with the tenderness of the collie, and the abandoned trust of the tabby. The original photograph is black and white. I took a guess on the colors. So far, no one has claimed to be the photographer. This painting makes you want to say, “Awww!”

  • The Cobbler – Nancy Conant


    The Cobbler

    Framed 26 x 32


    My husband and I traveled to Washington D. C. and Virginia. We stopped in Williamsburg and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the colonial era. I shot this photo and placed it in an album saying, “I’ll have to paint him someday.”

    Well, “someday” turned into many days! This one has well over 100 painting hours invested in it. Even so, it truly was a labor of love.

    I love “The Cobbler” for all its warmth and nostalgia. I suppose it holds some sentiment as well, because when my grandfather came to America from Italy, his trade was a cobbler.

  • The Prophet Jeremiah Lamenting Over the Destruction of Jerusalem – Nancy Conant


    The Prophet Jeremiah Lamenting Over the Destruction of Jerusalem

    Framed 26 x 20


    This painting is a reproduction of Rembrandt’s piece, circa 1630, “The Prophet Jeremiah Lamenting Over the Destruction of Jerusalem”. I worked on this for three months. I love painting after the old masters. I learn so much as I do. Enjoy!

  • Raymond of Ghana – Nancy Conant


    Raymond of Ghana

    Framed 38 x 32


    Raymond is a very good friend of our family. This kind-hearted man has the most beautiful skin and graciously accepted to “sit” for a group of us, so we could paint him from life. What a trooper! Thanks Raymond! Nothing hones in your skills like painting from life. There is so much more to see than what the camera gives you; nuances that the photo just can’t catch.