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  • On Alert – Nancy Conant


    On Alert

    Framed 26 x 20


    When I first saw this African Greater Kudu, I just stared into his perfectly symmetrical face; such beauty – such perfection and strength. They say in the wild, “It’s survival of the fittest”. Well, I perceive this fellow is plenty fit. Just look at him! Now, all we need to do is get the hunters out there to stop shooting these beautiful creatures for sport and to hang on a wall. Why not buy “ON ALERT” and hang that on the wall, instead!?

  • Tag Along – Nancy Conant


    Tag Along

    Framed 32 x 30


    Elephants are among the most amazing creatures on earth. Their massive size, long gestational period to have young, their family system… I can go on and on! They are just so fascinating to me. I just love this little fellow as he “tags along” with his mamma. It makes me think of one of my favorite scriptures: Isaiah 40:11 “…he gently leads those that have young”.

  • Harmony – Nancy Conant



    Framed 34 x 42


    This award winning painting is so romantic to me! I just love what she is doing. I want to be her! The girl’s name is Roksana and she is a violinist and singer. Her horse is a Ukrainian Huzul mare and her name is Romona. She’s such a unique looking horse; don’t you think? Aren’t they just simply beautiful together – riding in perfect harmony!?

  • God Bless The USA – Nancy Conant


    God Bless The USA

    Framed 26 x 20


    The inspiration and setting of God Bless the USA is the Fort Worth, TX Stockyards Rodeo. Being originally from California, we have a lot of Cali folks passing through and staying at the Conant B & B. The Bed & Breakfast stay comes with several excursions; one of which is the Rodeo. As an animal lover, I’m not a huge fan of rodeos. However, we figure in order to offer our guests the full Texas experience, we attend the rodeo and allow them to check that off their bucket list. There is one part of the rodeo I love. The part I love is when the pretty lady rides around the arena to the song, God Bless the USA. I get a lump in my throat every time. Here’s a snip it of it from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULlf4UKwuBc

  • Cool Draft – Nancy Conant


    Cool Draft

    Framed 42 x 34


    I LOVE Draft Horses; formally known as a Clydesdale. They are so beautiful, yet powerful. I picture myself standing in the snow, being sprayed with cool snow flakes kicked up from his enormous hooves. The wind brushing across my face as he gallops by. Simply majestic!

  • Horse Eye – Nancy Conant

    $1,200.00 $600.00

    Horse Eye

    Special Price

    Framed 18 x 14


    This gypsy cob foal is so fascinating to me. As an artist, the eyes are the most intriguing feature on people as well as animals. I can’t wait to get to that part of the painting. Sometimes, I will “do” the eyes first; then it seems it’s calling out to me, begging to be completed and made whole.

  • Kindred Spirits – Nancy Conant


    Kindred Spirits

    Framed 26 x 20


    This beautiful couple of Frisians originate from the Netherlands. The tenderness shared between these two is so beautiful. I love to witness animals expressing love towards one another.

    You can’t tell me they don’t have feelings! They most certainly do!

  • Lark – Nancy Conant



    Framed 22 x 26


    Back some time ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Wings of Hope Equine-therapy. This place offers horseback riding to people with disabilities. “My horse” was Lark. A beautiful and gentle girl with the softest coat! She was just amazing and lovely! So, like I do with that which inspires me – I painted her. This is my sweet LARK.

  • My Girl Lark – Nancy Conant

    $2,000.00 $1,000.00

    My Girl Lark

    Special Price

    Framed 22 x 21


    This is my second painting of Lark that I did. She makes a beautiful subject to paint. Lark was my Equine-Therapy horse for folks with disabilities.

    I went to the ranch one day specifically to photograph her. It was a blast! This usually docile, gentle girl started prancing around us, giving us quite the show! . I could hardly keep up with her.

    I guess she has some spunk after all. 

  • Out To Pasture – Nancy Conant


    Out To Pasture

    Framed 30 x 23.5


    This white Arabian is a beautiful mare and is from a large heard of Arabian horses from Tarnawka Stud in Poland. Oh how glorious she must have been in her prime. The sun setting behind her is so symbolic to me; how we all, at one point in time, will have the sun set on our lives. May we be as graceful as she.

  • The Arabian Stallion’s Song – Nancy Conant


    The Arabian Stallion’s Song

    Framed 26 x 20


    I love the mystique from The Arabian Stallion’s Song. I can just hear this beautiful and powerful creature calling out for his beloved in the cool night air.

  • Penny Pie Penny – Nancy Conant


    Penny Pie Penny



    This is the latest addition to my Dad’s household. This is Penny. My dog poops, bigger than Penny is!  She’s a Chihuahua and she’s one little monster. But, Dad loves her and he sure was in need of a friend.

    This was a commissioned work.  If you would like a pet portrait please contact the Gallery.  Price will vary depending on the size you want.