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Nancy Conant

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Nancy Conant began her artistic endeavors at a very early age. “I pretty much wanted to sculpt or draw anything I could get to sit still! I would spend countless hours studying faces in fashion magazines and try to meticulously render what I saw.”

“Like most of us, I love beauty. I see beauty take shape and form in so many things: Animals, nature, people; not necessarily “perfect people” or what the world values and calls beautiful, but the innate beauty that exists in all of God’s creation. When I see something that leaves me awestruck or causes me to do a double-take, I want to capture it and preserve it so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed far beyond that moment in time. “

Born and raised in Southern California, Nancy always knew she was destined to be an artist and hoped somehow she could combine her love for animals with her passion for art. In the late 80’s her love for all creatures great and small led her to a wildlife animal refuge where she donated her time to serve as a volunteer in the compound’s hospital. Later she began working with wild and exotic animals as an animal caretaker and assistant trainer for movies and television. Through these experiences, she developed an awe and deep respect for these amazing creatures.

“Nothing – NO THING WHATSOEVER, can compare to the amazing privilege it is to take a nap with a chimp or go for a walk with a snow leopard, African lion, or bear.” Though she no longer works with lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), she derives incredible joy from being able to paint their likeness.

Today, Nancy Conant’s home studio is located on Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, Texas. She lives with her husband Chris, and two daughters, Rebekah and Meghan. Nancy has over 20 years of art adventures under her belt from college courses to commissions, art studies to workshops, spanning murals to pencil drawings, sculpting to oils and pastels. She counts it a privilege and a blessing to create a fine art keepsake that can be handed down for generations to come, through her commissioned work.


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  • My Backyard Buddy – Nancy Conant


    My Backyard Buddy

    Framed 12 x 10


    The tobacco horn worm is fiercely hated by anyone who’s trying to grow tomatoes. They have a veracious appetite and if left unchecked, will devour an entire plant in a day or two.
    So why do I love these little critters so much, (actually they’re pretty big – three to four inches!)? I am completely fascinated by their life cycle. So, I’ve found a way to live in peace with these guys. I put them in a large tank and give them about three inches of dirt, (when they pupate they drop into the soil and burrow their way down). I give them the pruned branches from my plants each day. If I have a deadbeat plant that yields barely anything, that becomes their daily portion. It works for me and I’m sure they appreciate not being cut in half, (that’s how my sister deals with them; appalling)!
    When they finally emerge from the soil, they’ve transformed into a marvelous sphinx moth. They are about the size of my palm and they really are a sight to behold.
    I look forward to my yearly visit from my backyard buddies.

  • The Three Amigos – Nancy Conant


    The Three Amigos

    Framed 10 x 12


    This painting was inspired by Proverbs 6:6. To quote the BLB.org, “The ant has been famous in all ages for its social habits, foresight, economy and industry. Collecting their food at the proper seasons, they bite off the ends of the grain to prevent it from germinating, and lay it up in cells until needed.”
    As for me; I simply enjoy bugs! I like to observe them. I like to touch them, (the non-deadly ones, that is). I just love bugs. My kids don’t bring the bugs and lizards and such critters in the house. Mom does!
    These three guys are Mexican ants. I was vacationing in Baja and shot these three fellows working this chip across the sand. You can almost here them talking to each other, trying to maneuver the chip.
    I hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed observing them, photographing them and finally painting them.

  • Let It Bee – Nancy Conant


    Let It Bee

    Framed 10 x 12


    We need bees! The recent disappearance of bees at an alarming rate is both curious and scary. 
    I hope we can find a way to get it together and LET THEM BEE!

  • A Royal Family – Nancy Conant


    A Royal Family

    Framed 38 x 30


    This beautiful family of lions actually came from the zoo! No matter where they live, these marvelous creatures are regal and majestic and among my favorites in the animal kingdom.

  • El Lobo – Nancy Conant


    El Lobo

    Framed 16 x 13


    This piece was very special to me because it was used as a tutorial piece on Facebook. I had the opportunity to paint along with a bunch of art enthusiasts, who really appreciate and have a curiosity of what is involved in creating a pastel painting.
    It was such a blast. Hopefully, next year I will put, “How to Paint a Photo-Realistic Pastel Painting” content into a book. From the sounds of things – a lot of folks would like that very much.
    I just need to keep on painting and record the entire process! Whew!

  • The Lion Cub – Nancy Conant


    The Lion Cub

    Framed 22 x 18


    This little guy looks like he’s about to be up to no good! He just has that naughty expression. I bet he’s a handful for his mamma!

  • Young Cheetah – Nancy Conant


    Young Cheetah

    Framed 20 x 20


    Of all the big cats of Africa, I think I’m most in awe of the Cheetah. Not only are they beautiful, as this young cheetah is, but they possess such power and strength and have earned the title of being the fastest land animal.

  • On Alert – Nancy Conant


    On Alert

    Framed 26 x 20


    When I first saw this African Greater Kudu, I just stared into his perfectly symmetrical face; such beauty – such perfection and strength. They say in the wild, “It’s survival of the fittest”. Well, I perceive this fellow is plenty fit. Just look at him! Now, all we need to do is get the hunters out there to stop shooting these beautiful creatures for sport and to hang on a wall. Why not buy “ON ALERT” and hang that on the wall, instead!?

  • Tag Along – Nancy Conant


    Tag Along

    Framed 32 x 30


    Elephants are among the most amazing creatures on earth. Their massive size, long gestational period to have young, their family system… I can go on and on! They are just so fascinating to me. I just love this little fellow as he “tags along” with his mamma. It makes me think of one of my favorite scriptures: Isaiah 40:11 “…he gently leads those that have young”.

  • Harmony – Nancy Conant



    Framed 34 x 42


    This award winning painting is so romantic to me! I just love what she is doing. I want to be her! The girl’s name is Roksana and she is a violinist and singer. Her horse is a Ukrainian Huzul mare and her name is Romona. She’s such a unique looking horse; don’t you think? Aren’t they just simply beautiful together – riding in perfect harmony!?

  • God Bless The USA – Nancy Conant


    God Bless The USA

    Framed 26 x 20


    The inspiration and setting of God Bless the USA is the Fort Worth, TX Stockyards Rodeo. Being originally from California, we have a lot of Cali folks passing through and staying at the Conant B & B. The Bed & Breakfast stay comes with several excursions; one of which is the Rodeo. As an animal lover, I’m not a huge fan of rodeos. However, we figure in order to offer our guests the full Texas experience, we attend the rodeo and allow them to check that off their bucket list. There is one part of the rodeo I love. The part I love is when the pretty lady rides around the arena to the song, God Bless the USA. I get a lump in my throat every time. Here’s a snip it of it from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULlf4UKwuBc

  • Cool Draft – Nancy Conant


    Cool Draft

    Framed 42 x 34


    I LOVE Draft Horses; formally known as a Clydesdale. They are so beautiful, yet powerful. I picture myself standing in the snow, being sprayed with cool snow flakes kicked up from his enormous hooves. The wind brushing across my face as he gallops by. Simply majestic!