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  • Dominican Beach Club – Julia Ross


    Dominican Beach Club

    Gallery Wrap 60 x 36″

    Acrylic Paint and Ink on Canvas

    Inspired by The Dominican Beach Club, walking to the beach, through paths of colorful landscapes and tropical flowers, this colorful painting brings you back to the beach, breathing in the sea air, breeze through your hair, in view of blue waters and a rainbow of sunsets, illuminating the clouds. 

  • An Inviting Welcome – Fran Chausse White


    An Inviting Welcome

    Framed 10x 13.5″

    Oil on Panel

    Neighbors are welcome here!

  • Summers End – Jackie Railsback


    Summers End

    Framed 13 x 16″


    “The beginning of autumn and the last of summer is a beautiful time to be in the mountains of Creede Colorado. I chose pastels for the soft colors and textures.”

  • The Still Place – Sara Joseph


    The Still Place

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 48”   

    Acrylic on Canvas

    He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Psalm 23:3

  • Texas Blues and Cactus Too; triptych – Cherie Giddens


    Texas Blues and Cactus Too

    Framed triptych 10 x 20″ each


    As always, the Texas Bluebonnets were beautiful this year.  This year’s painting was to find a different way to portray their beauty.  My vision was to show the splendor, radiance and soul of these “Texas Blues” among the rough beauty of the “Texas Cactus”; a wonderful pairing.

    These 3 individual paintings are mounted on board and framed in clear acrylic shadow boxes.  Each of these paintings can be purchased individually for $425.  Click “VIEW DETAILS” to see the paintings staged and individually.

  • Pacific Coast – Ruth Francis


    Pacific Coast

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 48″

    Oil on Canvas

    The Pacific Coast is a fairy tale dream to me.  As a child during my family’s many trips to the West coast, I played in the surf.  I was actually afraid of it, but I never told anyone.  The big black rocks seemed like monsters to me.  And the crashing waves were scary things that chased me back to the shore.

  • Chamisa – Ruth Francis



    Gallery Wrap 36 x 48″

    Acrylic on Canvas

    Such a wonderful pleasure are the smells of the high desert.   The Sage and Chamisa and Apache Plume sweeten the dry air with delicate fragrances.  The desert comes alive in the early fall when the Chamisa sweeps the hills with it various shade of yellow.

  • Sunset – Ruth Francis



    Gallery Wrap 24 x 48″

    Oil on Canvas

    “This is reminiscing of all the sunsets I enjoyed while living at the foot of the Sandia Mountain.  Looking West from there the Rio Grande Valley rises to the West Mesa on which five extinct volcanos reside.  Every evening as the sunset builds behind them, they appear as sentinels guarding heavens treasured gold.”

  • In Memory of Summer – Cherie Giddens


    In Memory of Summer

    Framed 24 x 36″


    The fun and discovery of summer adventures create special memories, sometimes not literal but always with focus on the experienced moment.  
    This painting was taken from one of Henry’s photos from his summer travels.

  • Feeding in Morning Fog – Naomi Brotherton


    Feeding in Morning Fog

    Framed 23 x 30”


    There is mystery in the slow soft movement of fog. One minute you may see the cows and wonder if the farmer is out there too.  If you look hard enough might you see him?
    To me this has been a challenge for my paintings to show that mystery… “now you see it, now you don’t.”

  • Awaiting the Helmsman – Naomi Brotherton


    Awaiting the Helmsman

    Framed 23 x 30”


    The stand of trees seems to have grown in an old fence row.  The boat seems to be expecting the fisherman for a trip to check his lines left earlier.  Hopefully, there will be fish to fry tonight.

  • Wintering Willows – Naomi Brotherton


    Wintering Willows 

    Framed 23 x 30”


    In the artist’s language, cold is expressed with blue and green.  In this subject the leaves are gone and the limbs and twigs make a pattern of lace against the sky. The cool colors suggest that it is winter, thus setting the scene for ones’ imagination.