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Kristi A Zatyko

Kristi A Zatykowidth=

It all started, at a young age, with the Town Dump. It wasn’t like today’s “recycling centers”, there were piles of discards ready for the taking. The possibilities were endless.

My parents taught me furniture refinishing, power tool usage, sewing and how to fix almost anything. Soon I was combining odd elements from the Dump to make humorous or philosophical statements. The words “Assemblage” and “Collage” weren’t even part of my vocabulary yet.

My first painting, executed at age 12, was inside a thrift-shop fold-out box. It was so satisfying to mold an image from pots of color, that eventually I moved on to traditional canvas. Later, an aptitude for science and math, combined with artistic thinking, led to a degree and career as a Licensed Architect.

All these influences, along with family and travel, can be seen in my Art. Some Works are traditional and others combine materials in new ways. Life is an Exploration and Art is a way to Express and Share.

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