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Jill Danahey

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  • Fall Aspen – Jill Danahey


    Fall Aspen

    Framed 18.25 x 22″


    With an acrylic underlay of yellow and orange, I lifted trunks and canopy after adding darks and kept areas of the bright colors underneath to make a study in fall shades.  Adding gouache accents to the watercolor defined the details.

  • Crepe Myrtle – Jill Danahey


    Crepe Myrtle

    Gallery Wrapped 24 x 24″

    Acrylic on Canvas


    Crepe Myrtle trunks outside my house in Grapevine are such a challenge to paint. Soft colors and smooth undulations mark one variety, while another type has a trunk and branches that appear to be vibrant red in the sun

  • Caught in the Rain – Jill Danahey


    Caught in the Rain

    Framed 21.5 x 17.25″


    We were literally caught in a rain shower while painting on location in Creede, CO. I hoped to capture the clouds hanging over the ridge and swirling above this lone blue Spruce.


  • Blue Spruce – Jill Danahey


    Blue Spruce

    Framed 17 x 21.5″


    While in Creede, CO, I tried to capture the feel of a stand of blue Spruce and their shadows against a rock formation, all over an orange underpainting.

  • Summer Aspen – Jill Danahey


    Summer Aspen

    Framed 22 x 26″



  • Reflections – Jill Danahey



    Framed 18 x 20.5″

    Mixed Media

    The is a study of dark shadows under trees and tangled brush, reflected in water.  Gouache over watercolor brightened the sky above and in the water.  I also used the amazing pop of pastels to bring out details and a punch of color.

  • Light Through Aspen – Jill Danahey


    Light Through Aspen

    Framed 20.75 x 22″



    Back in Colorado this summer brought new a renewed love of the mountains and especially the amazing Aspen!

  • Creek Side – Jill Danahey


    Creek Side

    Framed 17.5 x 22″


    This was painted on location in Creede, CO, on a beautiful August day.

  • Aerial view – Jill Danahey


    Aerial View

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24″

    Acrylic on Canvas


    Using my favorite colors, I added texture and movement with a palette knife until a feeling of looking down at the land and water patterns from above became apparent.  I  continued to define my impression of watching the earth pass below on a long, cross country flight.

  • Palo Verde in Sunlight – Jill Danahey


    Palo Verde in Sunlight

    Gallery Wrap 12 x 36″


    This tall, narrow canvas lent itself to the wonderful Palo Verde trees that I loved from Arizona and Marfa Texas.  There is a bit of gauze fabric to give texture to the tree branches.  I then played with sunlight and shadow in somewhat fanciful colors.  Purple shadows for contrast with sunlight is a favorite for me.

  • Glacier Ice #7 – Jill Danahey


    Glacier Ice #7

    Gallery Wrap 20 x 20″


    This abstract of the colors of glacier ice and shadows came from a more realistic rendition of a photo from Iceland.  I used that as an underpainting, adding deep darks to suggest a chasm in the ice and strong strokes to give the feel of ice shards.

  • Winter Oaks – Jill Danahey


    Winter Oaks

    Gallery Wrap 30×48