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Fran Chausse White

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During the last 30 years, Fran has mastered painting techniques as well as presenting her art to others. As a self-taught artist, she has consulted with masters, studied art instruction books, and communicated creative techniques to students. Once “art” was discovered, this creative journey has been never ending. The passion to be an artist and to share this gift of creativity has been a driving force in her life.
After college, Fran was an Administrative Registered Dietitian in health care; working in hospitals, nursing homes, and school lunch programs. A daughter and son were born and with this change came a very strong desire to be a stay-at-home mother. As the children entered school, available time was used to begin taking local oil painting classes and her “art story” begins.
A love of all painting mediums, but especially oils, has continued through the years. There has been growth and enjoyment in using various art mediums but her specialized interest and greatest accomplishments have been with oil paints; therefore she demos and sells “oils.”
“Sharing the Gift” of painting has been a special focus. At the request of friends who became her first students, she held classes in her Dickinson, Texas, home. Since then, she mentored all age groups at art studios, craft stores and painting conventions in various parts of the country. She knows there is something very special in helping someone gains a creative confidence. Anyone’s first painting is a masterpiece! And it works both ways, several of her art pieces have been inspired from interactions in the classroom.
With canvas, brushes, and paints in hand, finding that perfect spot of nature just right for sketchbook or canvas is what she captures. Whether painting a still life, figure or a landscape, Fran prefers to paint from a live model.
Her favorite subjects to capture on canvas are God’s many wonderful landscapes and gardens where people go for solitude, calmness, quiet, harmony, and a renewal of self. Her hope is for the artwork to convey those same feelings to you the observer.

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