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Figurative art is artwork that is representational, clearly derived from real object sources, and includes the human figure.

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  • Higher and Higher – Betty Grummer


    Higher and Higher

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 30”

    Acrylic on canvas

    “As I was in the kitchen preparing meals, I could look out the window and see my youngest daughter trying to fly a kite.  She struggled but was unable to get the kite to fly.  Disappointed, she eventually came home with the kite dragging behind her.  In the painting I wanted to show her successfully flying a kite.”

  • Save the Bugs – Betty Grummer


    Save the Bugs

    Gallery Wrap 16 x 20”

    Acrylic on canvas

    Catching lightening bugs is like holding miniature stars kept for a time and released again to give the joy of light to others.

  • Beach Walk – Fran Chausse White


    Beach Walk

    Framed 26 x 32″


    “An Early Morning Walk on a Florida, Ocean Side, Beach!  How Sweet it is!”

  • An Adoration of Life and Color – Regina Davis


    An Adoration of Life and Color

    Gallery Wrap 16 x 20”

    Oil on Linen

    This painting is a study which embodies both classical master’s technique as well as subject approach. Perhaps a moment in time, a moment in which all is well, in peace and in love with life itself.”

  • Red Decision – Regina Davis


    Red Decision

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 36”

    Oil on Linen

    “Capturing the moment of doubt which exists in between a decision.
    Standing on top of a compass, the woman seems to be in tension with herself. There is a hyena peeking behind her, guarding her, as a symbolism of her own demons which must be tamed; tamed in order to make the right decision.  All encompassed into the tension between the characters, the subject as well as her environment makes one ponder on which path she is to take.”

  • St. George & the Dragon – Kristi A Zatyko


    St. George & the Dragon

    Round 46″


    “We all love the underdog, don’t we?  St. George is the ultimate underdog, facing a dragon to save a Princess.  To make their people feel good under royal rule, St. George was declared the patron saint of England.  There are sculptures of this scene on building cornerstones all over the country. 
    The subject of the painting was not decided until half way through the process.  I chose colors and applied them to the canvas with a squeegee.  While painting, my imagination saw a dragon in the strokes, then a man.  After that, the paint was applied with more purpose to achieve an image of the old story.
    The colors I chose, and the near mythological story depicted, reminded me of traditional Greek vases.  Hence, the painting is treated like one of these vases that are painted the same way to this day.”

  • Becoming – Regina Davis



    Gallery Wrap 24 x 48″

    Oil on canvas


    “This painting tells a story of a Mother. How from nothing she emerges into her own nature, becoming it. Blinding herself with her new nature, blinded with love, melting into flowers.”

  • Heart and Mind – Regina Davis


    Heart and Mind

    Gallery Wrap 20 x 16”

    Oil on linen

    “The eternal struggle between heart and mind. How precious each thought or each feeling is represented in within the gold leaf.”

  • The Weight of Flowers – by Regina Davis


    The Weight of Flowers – by Regina Davis

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 46”

    Oil on linen

    “Sometimes life struggles are called a weight, represented as a “Cross” in Christianity. In this painting, the weight we carry is what makes us stronger, makes us who we are today. The weight of flowers is a representation of that weight. How after all, it becomes beautiful, intricate, delicate but at the same time, strong and powerful.”

  • Whispers – by Regina Davis



    Gallery Wrap 36 x 46”

    Oil on linen

    “In this painting we can almost feel the presence of one’s thoughts. Each one of the thoughts we have are represented here as powerful flowers, strong and almost protecting us, talking back to us, always whispering.”

  • Kite Flying – Christian Fitch


    Kite Flying

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 25″

    Mixed Media

  • Neptune’s Kingdom – Betty Watkins


    Neptune’s Kingdom

    Framed 27 x 33″


    Neptune  is host to many mermaids  that visit his kingdom  in the deep sea.