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Christina Fitch

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  • Kitchen Baking – Christina Fitch


    Kitchen Baking

    Gallery Wrap 30x 24″

    Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    “Kitchen Baking was taken from a photo of my mom. This painting exemplifies the use of distortion to change a memory. It represents a personal memory of when I was told, ‘Get your head out of the clouds.’ It also evokes memories of my daughter and I baking together, licking the bowl, and enjoying our time.”

  • Box Surprise – Christina Fitch


    Box Surprise

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 24″

    Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    “Box Surprise is taken from a photograph of my mother and a friend. It depicts the innocence and mystery of childhood, as they discover something new. It reminds me of when my young niece received a birthday present and she played with the box instead of the actual gift.”

  • Harsh Gaze – Christina Fitch


    Harsh Gaze

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24″

    Mixed media digital painting on wood panel

    “This painting depicts the tension associated with my mom’s youth as she dealt with my very strict and sometimes harsh grandmother.”

  • Floating and Flowing – Christina Fitch


    Floating and Flowing

    Gallery Wrap 18 x 49″

    Mixed Media

    Mixed media consist of resin, acrylic, marker, color pencil, embroidery thread, wood, photography film, on wood panel.

  • Tree of Knowledge – Christina Fitch


    Tree of Knowledge

    Gallery Wrap 12 x 9″

    Mixed Media

    Mixed media consist of encaustic, alcohol inks, chalk pastel, on wood panel.

  • Searching – Christina Fitch



    Gallery Wrap 28.5 x 48.5″

    Mixed Media on wood panel

    “Inspiration came from a picture of my daughter in middle school came the inspiration for this work. The little girl appears to be reaching out for something as the water pours over her. The pouring water represents the tumultuous time that is adolescence.  She might be searching for life’s meaning or possibly what is waiting for her in life.”

  • Recovery – Christina Fitch



    Gallery Wrap 24 x 9″

    Mixed Media

    Mixed media consist of encaustic, alcohol inks on acrylic sheet and wood panel.

    “Inspiration came from a picture that I took in Kauai, Hawaii. I was captivated by how the massive trees dwarfed the jogger. The path among the trees, with the light at the end of the tunnel, reminded me of a road to recovery. The light at the end of the tunnel represents better days ahead.”

  • Midnight Check – Christina Fitch


    Midnight Check

    Gallery Wrap 12 x 24″

    Mixed Media on wood panel

    An image of my mom, as a child, stirred and inspired this painting. It represents the worry of a new mother who gets up, often numerous times, in the night to check on her sleeping child. 

  • Fire and Ice – Christina Fitch


    Fire and Ice

    Gallery Wrap 22 x 35″

    Mixed Media

    Mixed media consist of acrylic, alcohol inks, encaustic, resin on wood panel.

    “A picture taken in Salt Lake City, Utah is the basis for the piece. It was winter and the river was frozen. I added the fire to the ice to represent the constant conflicts that are prevalent in our world as opposites, such as good and evil, coexist.”

  • Creation – Christina Fitch



    Gallery Wrap 40 x 16″

    Mixed Media

    Mixed media consist of encaustic, oil, alcohol inks chalk pastel, cheesecloth, dried red pepper, on recycled art.

  • Tender Moment – Christina Fitch


    Tender Moment

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 48″

    Mixed Media


    Mixed media consist of encaustic, oil, alcohol inks, chalk pastel, on wood and acrylic sheet.

    “This artwork represents a sweet and special moment between mother and child. This is my grandmother who had just returned home form a long stay in a hospital.  This moment of tenderness shows how happy my mother was to see my grandmother.”

  • Sunset Peace – Christina Fitch


    Sunset Peace

    Gallery Wrap 14 x 11″

    Acrylic on Wooden Panel