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Christina Fitch

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Christina Fitch has a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design.  She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. Fitch is a mixed media, figurative artist. She has taught high school visual art for twenty-three years and is currently teaching at Timber Creek High School in Keller ISD. She resides in North Richland Hills, TX.

Her current series draws inspiration from fading memories and personal narratives. The artwork will use layers to explore family experiences and memories. She is also interested in exploring how family dynamics stretch across generations and impact future generations.  How did the relational complexities of her grandmother and mother filter down through her into her relationship with her children?  She sees these relationships as layers that makes us who we are.  She hopes to express this through the layering of images using a variety of media.

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  • “The Making of Dallas” – Christina Fitch


    “The Making of Dallas” – Christina Fitch

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 48”

    Mixed Media

    “In this painting of modern of Dallas, I joined some of the images of what has made it the city it is today; Covered wagons, oil wells, and the moment before the assassination of President Kennedy.”

  • “Grapevine in View” – Christina Fitch


    “Grapevine in View”

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 48”

    Mixed Media

    “With Grapevine Lake in the background, this painting depicts a view of downtown Grapevine.  Notable is the historic feed mill in the foreground with Main Street surrounded on both sides by the modern, upscale shops and restaurants that make Grapevine one of the top destinations in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.”

  • Safari in Fort Worth – Christina Fitch


    Safari in Fort Worth

    Gallery Wrap 40 x 36″

    Mixed Media

    One of the most notable parts of Fort Worth is its famous zoo. This painting depicts historic downtown Fort Worth with some of the zoo animals roaming the streets, creating a surreal view of the city.

  • Kite Flying – Christian Fitch


    Kite Flying

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 25″

    Mixed Media

  • Calm Before the Storm – Christina Fitch


    Calm Before the Storm

    Gallery Wrap 11 x 14″

    Mixed Media

  • Safety First – Christina Fitch


    Safety First

    24 x 36″

    Mixed Media on panel

    “This painting shows my brother as an infant, asleep in a car seat. The car seat is precarious at best, but my brother is peacefully napping, unaware of any danger.”

  • Make Believe – Christina Fitch


    Make Believe

    24 x 48″

    Mixed Media on panel

    This is one in a series of paintings using encaustic, encaustic pastel, oil pastel, powdered pigment and digital painting on panel. I so much enjoyed the unique style of painting I was able to create using these mediums.


  • Don’t Play in Street – Christina Fitch


    Don’t Play in Street

    72 x 48″

    Mixed Media on panel

    “Every mother has told their children not to play in the street. This painting portrays the innocence of children at play. The children are unaware of the dangers of the world, but they are being looked after by a higher power.”

  • Merry go Round – Christina Fitch


    Merry go Round

    28 x 42″

    Mixed Media on panel

    “This painting shows my brothers as children, riding a merry-go-round. Their faces blur as the world spins and time passes.”

  • First Steps – Christina Fitch


    First Steps

    36 x 24″

    Mixed Media on panel

    “This painting is of my mother taking her first steps. Her mother in the background is fading away, to show the passage of time and the separation of mother and daughter that naturally happens.”

  • Juggling Seven – Christina Fitch


    Juggling Seven

    48 x 48″

    Mixed Media on panel

    “This painting shows my parents struggling to juggle their seven kids. Life could be chaotic, but we managed the best we could. This painting shows the best of times.

  • Absentee Father – Christina Fitch


    Absentee Father

    72 x 38″

    Mixed Media on panel

    ‘Absentee Father’ was created from old photographs and enhanced by the emotional memories of my mother, as she described the events of her childhood to me. Follow the scenes progression from left to right. 

    The left is her family at an early age and all was happy with her father devoted to her and her mother. The progression follows as her parents divorced when she was 2 years old and she became less and less of a part of her father’s life. Her father’s remarriage and building of his new family reduced her time with him until it was only at Christmas.  At age eighteen, my mother married my father, Bill Alexander. My grandfather was invited to the wedding and made an appearance but it was the first time he had even seen the man that married his daughter.”