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Christina Fitch

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Christina Fitch is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design and is to finish in Fall of 2019. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education in 1994. Fitch is a mixed media, figurative artist. She has taught high school visual art for twenty-three years and is currently teaching at Timber Creek High School in Keller ISD. She resides in North Richland Hills, TX.

In her work she wants to communicate that the sublime of nature causes us to look beyond the pain and drudgery of our own lives, and points to something greater than ourselves.

She uses materials gathered from nature such as foliage, bark, wood, seeds, burlap, and embroidery thread.  She incorporates these organic materials with acrylic and oil paint, powdered pigment, photography printed on transparent film, and use encaustic to assemble these combined materials into a working composition.

            Her current series draws inspiration from fading memories and personal narratives. The artwork will use layers to explore family experiences and memories. She is also interested in exploring how family dynamics stretch across generations and impact future generations.  How did the relational complexities of her grandmother and mother filter down through her into her relationship with her children?  She sees these relationships as layers that makes us who we are.  She hopes to express this through the layering of images using a variety of media.

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  • Brother Billy – Christina Fitch


    Brother Billy

    Gallery Wrap 20 x 24”

    Mixed media digital painting on wood panel

    Brother Billy comes from a photo taken at Disneyworld of me “dunking” my younger brother. Though my memory is of playfulness and fun, the look on his face is of fear and anxiety.

  • Surgeon General’s Warning – Christina Fitch


    Surgeon General’s Warning – Christina Fitch

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 24”

    Mixed media digital painting on wood panel

    “Surgeon General’s Warning is a painting of my aunt and grandmother. In it, they are relaxing as they contemplate the complexities of life. The photo reminded me of old movies, when the characters would be sitting around, smoking. At that time no one knew of the dangers of smoking cigarettes.”

  • In the Studio – Christina Fitch


    In the Studio

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 24”

    Mixed media digital painting on wood panel

    “In the Studio is from a photo of my Grandmother and Aunt working together in their studio on a project.  Both of them seem to be happy, as if life and business are going well. It masks the challenges that they faced at the time with running a business and maintaining a family. My grandmother, in the forefront always seemed to be happiest when working on her art.”

  • Under the Ben Franklyn Bridge – Christina Fitch


    Under the Ben Franklyn Bridge

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 36”

    Mixed media digital painting on wood panel

    The setting is under the Ben Franklyn Bridge in Philadelphia, where my ancestors are from. The figures all come from photos of family members taken in the 1950’s. Each individual seems to be happy, whether flying a kite, swinging, reading to a child, sunbathing, playing with a dog, or out for a walk. However, only the individuals involved know what was actually going on in their lives. 

  • Harper’s Bazaar – Christina Fitch


    Harper’s Bazaar

    Gallery Wrap 24”x 30”

    Mixed media digital painting on wood panel

    Harper’s Bazaar is of my Aunt Mac viewing an issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She is in her twenties at the time.  She would go on to own a successful advertising business, something unusual for females in the 1950’s. What was she thinking as she viewed the magazine? Was she looking at the models and comparing herself? Was she looking for ideas? Was there an interesting article? While the photo is definite, only my aunt, through her memories and perceptions would have been able to tell the true story.

  • The Day We Got A New Car – Christina Fitch


    The Day We Got A New Car

    Gallery Wrap 48 x 24″

    Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    “Excitement goes with a new car as the new owner shares the experience with those closest to them. It reminds me of the time when my parents brought home a new green station wagon with brown paneling.  All seven children piled in and took an exciting ride.  I sat in the back and looked where we had been.”

  • The 4th of July – Christina Fitch


    The 4th of July

    Gallery Wrap 36 x24″

    Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    “I started from a photograph that has been preserved (intentionally or not).  The painting is distorted in a way to show the inaccuracy of the memory inspired from fading memories, moments of time, and personal narratives.  Distortions are used to emphasize how the memory, that was collected with the camera, can change over time and also emphasizes how the picture might not tell the whole story and can be misleading.”

  • Playing with Mikey – Christina Fitch


    Playing with Mikey

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 24″

    Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    “Playing with Mikey depicts the unbridled joy of a young boy playing with his dog and the love and loyalty of the dog as he will follow his friend and master anywhere. Mikey was a childhood dog of my children, who displayed the same love and loyalty.”

  • Kitchen Baking – Christina Fitch


    Kitchen Baking

    Gallery Wrap 30x 24″

    Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    “Kitchen Baking was taken from a photo of my mom. This painting exemplifies the use of distortion to change a memory. It represents a personal memory of when I was told, ‘Get your head out of the clouds.’ It also evokes memories of my daughter and I baking together, licking the bowl, and enjoying our time.”

  • Box Surprise – Christina Fitch


    Box Surprise

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 24″

    Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    “Box Surprise is taken from a photograph of my mother and a friend. It depicts the innocence and mystery of childhood, as they discover something new. It reminds me of when my young niece received a birthday present and she played with the box instead of the actual gift.”

  • Harsh Gaze – Christina Fitch


    Harsh Gaze

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24″

    Mixed media digital painting on wood panel

    “This painting depicts the tension associated with my mom’s youth as she dealt with my very strict and sometimes harsh grandmother.”

  • Floating and Flowing – Christina Fitch


    Floating and Flowing

    Gallery Wrap 18 x 49″

    Mixed Media

    Mixed media consist of resin, acrylic, marker, color pencil, embroidery thread, wood, photography film, on wood panel.