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Cherie Giddens

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Creating the illusion of Texture and Light with Watercolor

Cherie has always had a love for creating. Much of her career has been as an art teacher in public and private schools. Her love for inspiring others in their creativity has been a constant source of joy.

“I’ve been passionate about watercolor since my first watercolor class in college. I love the way watercolor flows and mixes on the paper. These are the surprises of shape and color I use to create the illusions of Light and Texture in my work. I love to work out a painting until it comes to life.”

Cherie holds a Bachelor degree in Art and Education from Texas Tech University and has studied at Savannah College of Art & Design. Her work with watercolor has gained her numerous awards in The Trinity Arts League and Southwestern Watercolor Society of which she is a Signature Member. She has developed the art curriculum for several private schools and has taught adult watercolor classes and workshops.

Her clients include private homes, collections, schools and businesses. She has done numerous commissioned pieces for both clients and friends.

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. For me, creating works of art is the best way I know to praise Him. It allows me to communicate to others what I’ve experienced in God’s creative handiwork.”

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  • Crossing the Creek – Cherie Giddens


    Crossing the Creek

    Framed 24 x 29”

    Water Color

    “While visiting New Mexico, we stopped at La Rinconada Ranch and took several photos of the river as it cut a path thru the trees.  I was inspired to paint these wonderful November colors.  The golds, reds, purples sparkling across the water and thru the trees captured the essence of a rugged New Mexico landscape.”

  • Morning Bachelor Buttons – Cherie Giddens


    Morning Bachelor Buttons

    Framed 21.5 x 25”

    Water Color

    “On one of my early spring walks, I discovered these tiny lavender “Batchelor Buttons”.  I often saw purple thistles but never these beautiful blooms.  I went back to the spot with my phone to photograph for a painting.  These flowers gave me the perfect subject to begin with wet washes of color that captured the surrounding textures.  It was a bright expression of spring, a happy blessing.”

  • Touched by Snow – Cherie Giddens


    Touched by Snow

    Framed 24.5 x 29.25″


    “It’s always exciting for me to see and “touch” the first snow fall.  While exploring the Sierra Blanca mountains of Ruidoso, New Mexico, I discovered many hidden treasures of the new snow on the landscape and inspiration for this painting.”

  • Rainy Day Bouquet – by Cherie Giddens


    “Rainy Day Bouquet” by Cherie Giddens
    Framed 32.75 x 40.5”


    “An exceptionally beautiful color arrangement of a bouquet of flowers was my inspiration for the painting. Using violets, purples and greens, I began painting with lots of water on wet paper to create soft and textural effects. The florals emerged among the negative spaces for me to explore, resulting in a water-splashed bouquet.”
    This painting has not yet reached the Gallery. Call ahead for a viewing of the painting.

  • Texas Blues and Cactus Too; triptych – Cherie Giddens


    Texas Blues and Cactus Too

    Framed triptych 10 x 20″ each


    As always, the Texas Bluebonnets were beautiful this year.  This year’s painting was to find a different way to portray their beauty.  My vision was to show the splendor, radiance and soul of these “Texas Blues” among the rough beauty of the “Texas Cactus”; a wonderful pairing.

    These 3 individual paintings are mounted on board and framed in clear acrylic shadow boxes.  Each of these paintings can be purchased individually for $425.  Click “VIEW DETAILS” to see the paintings staged and individually.

  • In Memory of Summer – Cherie Giddens


    In Memory of Summer

    Framed 24 x 36″


    The fun and discovery of summer adventures create special memories, sometimes not literal but always with focus on the experienced moment.  
    This painting was taken from one of Henry’s photos from his summer travels.

  • Fire and Ice – Cherie Giddens


    Fire and Ice

    Framed 35.75 x 25.75″


    The mood of a fiery sunset casting its glow across a frozen landscape was the perfect subject to be captured with watercolor.  The white paper allows for a subtle flow of color that reveals a soft cold atmosphere around the frozen stream as the contrasting texture of branches and trees grab the glow as the sun sets. 

  • Winter’s Song – Cherie Giddens


    Winter’s Song

    16 x 20″  

    Clear Acrylic Shadow Box Frame


    The distinctive song of the chickadee can be heard even in the frigid landscape of winter.  The nonmigratory state bird of both Maine and Massachusetts was so much fun to paint.  He is all fluffed and cozy under the warmth of a snow covered branch.

  • Let it Snow – Cherie Giddens


    Let it Snow


    12 x 24″

    Clear Acrylic Shadow Box Frame


    My painting “Let it Snow” is an invitation to enjoy the amazing softness, sparkle and fun of falling snow.

  • A Song Among the Reeds – Cherie Giddens


    A Song Among the Reeds

    Framed 36 x 26


  • Soft November – Cherie Giddens


    Soft November

    Framed 38 x 30



    In all seasons the Aspen trees are beautiful. However, “Soft November” can be a time after fall and before the hard winter freezes up all the landscape.

  • Poppin’ Through – Cherie Giddens


    Poppin’ Through

    Framed 32 x 39