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  • Lavender and Poppies – Ruth Francis


    Lavender and Poppies

    Gallery Wrap 16 x 20

    Mixed Media on Canvas


    Painted from a mind journey to the poppy fields of California and Arizona.

  • The Sentinel – Jerome Weilmuenster


    The Sentinel

    11” Diameter x 7.5”H

    Repurposed Wood

    Spanish Oak w/inlayed turquoise

    The secrets of the world are guarded by “The Sentinel”.

  • Long Necks – Betty Watkins


    Long Necks

    Gallery Wrap 18 x 24″

    Acrylic on Canvas

    The beauty of the giraffe is indescribable.  They have incredible grace and mobility.  Mostly curious and seeming to observe everything.  I tried to capture their curiosity and playfulness.  The patterns on their fur is an inspiration.  Who could resist their charm?

  • Captured Heart – Manuel Sarmiento


    Captured Heart

    6’2″Tall, base 13 x 13″

    Recycled Metal Sculpture

    I use whatever metals I can find, and I consider myself both an artist and eco-friendly recycler.

  • Encaged Woman – Manuel Sarmiento


    Encaged Woman

    19.75H x 8L x 6″W

    Recycled Metal

  • Abstract Encaustic – Julia Ross


    Abstract Encaustic

    Framed 27 x 27”

    Encaustic with Resin

    “The abstract painting is encased in resin and framed with an acrylic mat and black frame to showcase the artwork.  The encaustic painting provides a 3D effect with metallic elements, mounted with the acrylic mat behind the painting.  The frame is placed around the acrylic mat, providing a visual of the wall color behind the artwork.”

  • Window to Light – Julia Ross


    Window to Light

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24”

    Acrylic Canvas

    “Looking forward, this painting builds focus from dark to light with 2019 design colors of the year. Dark Navy to Watery Gray and Minimalist White in a monochromatic design compliment any room.”

  • Looking Glass – Julia Ross


    Looking Glass

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24”

    Acrylic on Canvas

    “The Padre Island National Seashore provides a unique view of the Texas Coast, with access to drive 60 miles along the beach to remote areas. This painting captures both light and dark in Looking Glass, as a storm passes over the water, through sunlight, building clouds and brief heavy rain.”

  • Deep Ocean Dive – Julia Ross


    Deep Ocean Dive 

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 24”

    Encaustic on 2” Canvas Board

    “Diving below the surface of the ocean waves amungst colorful coral and the beauty of sea life, this encaustic painting brings the viewer from darkness of deep below to light above. The dimension of water bubbles are brought to life with texture.”

  • Grapevine – Julia Ross



    12 x 12”

    Encaustic on 1” Canvas Board

    “This encaustic painting encompasses champagne grapes accented with deep purple, green, gold and pearl white. The artwork depicts a source of health and abundance of a fruit that is the source of champagne, wine, currants, and many other products.”

  • Encaged Man – Manuel Sarmiento


    Encaged Man

    16.75 x 8.25 x 6″

    Recycled Steel

    I use whatever metals I can find, and I consider myself both an artist and eco-friendly recycler.

  • Encaged Bird – Manuel Sarmiento


    Encaged Bird

    12 long x 6 wide X 12.25″ tall

    Recycled metal


    I use whatever metals I can find, and I consider myself both an artist and eco-friendly recycler.