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  • The Flowering of Joy – Betty Grummer


    The Flowering of Joy

    Gallery Wrap 20 X 24”  

    Acrylic Collage

    I worked intuitively layering colors and applying collage in select spaces.  A flower seems to appear in this work where color and shape reflect emotion.

  • Gerrymandering Consciousness – Betty Grummer


    Gerrymandering Consciousness

    Gallery Wrap 24 X 36”

    Acrylic Collage

    After joyfully layering the colors and watching the shapes and colors emerge I was pleasantly satisfied noticing that the shapes brought to consciousness a somewhat gerrymandered maplike apperance.

  • Where The Red Fern Grows – Betty Grummer


    Where The Red Fern Grows

    Gallery Wrap 18 X 24”

    Acrylic Collage

    As I was looking at the ferns growing in my garden I remembered the book Where The Red Ferns Grow.  I thought about printing a few of the fern branches in red paint.  Liking the result I added a few touches of gold leaf.

  • Poppy Day – Betty Grummer


    Poppy Day

    Gallery Wrap 16 X 20”

    Acrylic Collage

    Poppies remind me of Poppy Day which was observed in my elementary school.  Mother would give me a dime to buy a red paper poppy. The red poppy is a symbol of all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives since World War One.  National poppy day in 2019 will be November 11th.

  • Angel of Music – Betty Grummer


    Angel of Music

    Gallery Wrap 11 x 14”

    Acrylic Collage on cradle board

    “I work intuitively directly on the substrate. There are no plans other than I think I will paint an angel. After a few happy accidents the result is a composition I like. I am pleased with the curved lines of the background and in the curved lines in wings, clothing and face.”

  • In Flander’s Field – Betty Grummer


    In Flander’s Field

    Gallery Wrap 16 x 20”

    Acrylic Collage

    Throughout history, after a major war, red poppies seem to pop up in the battlefields and on soldier’s graves.  Poppy seeds lay dormant in the soil and when the soil is heavily turned or dug up it causes them to sprout. The most detailed of this event took place in WWI “In Flanders Field”, Belgium.  In the craters where bombs fell and on the mounds of rubble, “Poppies Galore” bloomed everywhere.  The heavily churned earth and the high concentration of lime from the limestone buildings made the perfect catalyst for the poppies to grow.

    For additional information on this history, visit the below links

  • Poppies – Betty Grummer



    Gallery Wrap 9 x 12”

    Acrylic Collage on cradle board

    “Once I began painting these poppies I got more and more ideas of how to paint them differently. This time I wanted to paint a smaller substrate of poppies growing with the wind twisting and turning their fragile little stems and leaves. The composition became a picture of curves,  gold leaf and the color red.”

  • The Rouge Beyond Circumference – Betty Grummer


    The Rouge Beyond Circumference

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 36”    


    Imagination is imperative. It takes my husband back to a day of an encounter with a meteor and the expression “Save the dinosaurs!” Let’s face it, the rouge goes beyond consciousness.

  • Celebrate the Blues Triptych – Betty Grummer


    Celebrate the Blues Triptych

    Gallery Wrap 3@ 12 x 12”

    Acrylic on cradle board

    Can be purchased separately at $100 each.

    “Although the blues can be sung, I wanted to paint the blues. The blues ended up as a combination of blue, green, and turquoise. After applying collage, color and a variety of gels, I wanted to have fun painting another and another. The result was a triptych.”


  • Lakeside Butterflies – Julia Ross


    Lakeside Butterflies

    Gallery Wrap 12 x 12″

    Mixed Media

    “Butterflies follow us to offer new perspectives, gained with each trip to the lake.  Drops of paint begin the process which extends to the canvas and define a new perspective of landscape and the ever changing climate.”

  • Bleached Coral Waters – Julia Ross


    Bleached Coral Waters

    Gallery Wrap 48 x 48″

    Mixed Media on Canvas

    “A study of sun glistening on the surface of water and the reflections and shadows drawn from light beneath the surface, Bleached Coral Waters builds depth with a relaxing combination of colors – aqua, blue, turquoise, purple, light pink and iridescent green and white. The 2020 color of the year is Bleach Coral. The colorful painting is an extension of meditation and exudes happiness.”

  • White Coral – Julia Ross


    White Coral

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 60″

    Encaustic mixed media canvas board