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Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition independent from visual references.

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  • The Light Fantastic I – Fran Chausse White


    The Light Fantastic I

    Framed 20 x 24″


    “My heart leaps when I see a rainbow in the sky!”

  • Just Breathe – Kelly Gowan


    Just Breathe

    Gallery Wrap 70 x 20″ Birchwood Panel

    Matte Resin

    “Just Breathe, Foggy Mountain.  Matte velvet finish of sanded down resin. This painting is stunning to see in person.  It is calming and transports you to such a beautiful place.  A vacation memory, with cool crisp air. The mountain ranges are endless and the cold blue fog is so pretty against them.  This painting brings a modern look to a mountain nature painting. It is layers of painting in resin and acrylics.”

  • ILLUSTRIOUS SUNRISE – Fran Chausse White



    Gallery Wrap 30 x 40”  


    “Every Sunrise is God’s Good Morning!”

  • The Light Fantastic II – Fran Chausse White


    The Light Fantastic II

    Framed 20 x 24″


    “My heart leaps when I see a rainbow in the sky!”

  • Aspens at the Lake – Kelly Gowan


    Aspens at the Lake

    Gallery Wrap 77 x 52″

    3D Acrylic Glass Leaves in Resin


    “This painting has over 1,000 hand painted glass leaves designed by Kelly.  It is larger than life, and captures the awesomeness of the mountains, rivers, lakes and aspens that make us all pause a moment.”

    Short Video – https://youtu.be/4OLTs7Tm4gA

  • The Blues – Kelly Gowan


    The Blues – Kelly Gowan

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 24″

    Alcohol Ink

    “A gorgeous painting that comes on a cradled lightweight wood canvas with sides painted a dark blue to match, so no need to frame. Just bring home and hang to enjoy! The various shades of blues and touches of gold and turquoise are so pretty together against the white background. It is a very peaceful painting.” 

  • Beauty Beneath – Kelly Gowan


    Beauty Beneath

    Framed 13 x 13″

    Resin Mixed Media

    “So soothing. Under the soft transparent cool blue you can see unique patterns beneath. Reminds me of looking into the ocean. I love the colors of blue, white, cream and silver.”

  • River Stone – Kelly Gowan


    River Stone

    Framed 13 x 37″

    Resin mixed textured media

    “Perfect for nature lovers. This is such a cool abstract painting done after a beautiful river stone I found in the cold waters in Tennessee.  This painting is a mixed media piece that is done with acrylics, inks, and flecks of material for texture and to look like a river rock, mixed with some resin for a wet look. I then had it professionally framed in a finished nude wood floater frame. Such pretty shades of blue, green, and silver.”

  • Little Aspen / Aspen series – Kelly Gowan


    Little Aspen / Aspen series

    Framed 6 x 6″


    “Little Aspen 6 x 6 x 2 Resin Gold Leaf Abstract Lake Mountain Painting in natural wood floater frame. I love the aspens in the fall and their beautiful golden yellow leaves. The way they line a lake with the mountains behind them is extra special. This painting was done in resin and then gold leaf and coated again in resin.  So, a beautiful high gloss finish to make all the colors pop. I then had it professionally framed in a natural wood floater frame.”

  • Deep Orange – Kelly Gowan


    Deep Orange

    Framed Wood Panel  21 x 41″

    Alcohol Ink Resin Abstract

    “Deep Orange is eye catching in bright shades of orange and yellow with gold accents laced in. The layering of paints, ink and resin make this so interesting to observe, especially up close. It reminds me of a coral reef with the layers and colors.”

    Short Video – https://youtu.be/nKhA9fP6tuU

  • Bluebonnet Rain- Kelly Gowan


    Bluebonnet Rain

    Gallery Wrap Birchwood Panel 20wx 20h

    Resin Mixed Media Abstract

    “Bluebonnet Rain is a fav of mine because I absolutely love the bluebonnets in Texas each spring. They are a top attraction to come and witness the fields of blue. It is such a unique painting because it has a smooth matte velvet finish that was achieved by sanding down resin again and again and finishing with wax. What is really amazing is to see the deep texture underneath in the bluebonnet field. You can see the cracks and texture in blue and green. The colors contrast so nicely with deep gray raining sky.”

    Short video – https://youtu.be/DZRTUBCO1zQ

  • Gold Bar- Kelly Gowan


    “Gold Bar” – Aspen Series

    Gallery Wrap Birchwood Panel 20 x 20″

    Resin Gold Leaf Abstract

    “Gold Bar” was inspired by our trip to Washington. It was actually the name of the town in which we stayed.  We were in a house right on an amazing river.  Every day we were able to enjoy the beauty of the river and pretty line of trees on it.  The water was crystal clear blue and freezing! The sand on the river sparkled with fools’ gold. You can’t beat the combo of water, mountains and golden trees with just the right amount of sunlight to illuminate it all.”

    Short Video – http://youtu.be/qRtHyM0-2-w