“Summertime Memories”

by  Christina Fitch

“This series draws inspiration from fading memories, moments of time, and personal narratives. The artwork is taken from four generations of old photos of my family. Each painting is distorted in some way to show the inaccuracy of memories. When we look back at old photos we reinterpret them and our minds will process things differently. Although a photo captures a historical documentation of a moment in time, it does not tell the whole story nor does it show what is going on in the character’s life. One can recognize the person and what is happening, but not what they were thinking or feeling. The distortions emphasize how the memory, collected with the camera, can change over time and may not tell the whole story.”

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Free Event

Christina’s Show
July 9 – 18, 2020
Gallery open Tuesday – Saturday
11:00am – 6:00pm

Christina’s Reception
Come in and meet Christina
Saturday July11, 2020 / 6:00 PM till 9:00 PM

1 minute Video of Christina creating her work – https://youtu.be/Jui7PpWnHxI
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