Soft November – Cherie Giddens

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Soft November

Framed 38 x 30



In all seasons the Aspen trees are beautiful. However, “Soft November” can be a time after fall and before the hard winter freezes up all the landscape.

1 review for Soft November – Cherie Giddens

  1. Maureen O’Donnell-Hintz

    We just became first time adoring fans of your water colors having just purchased a preowned treasure “Fun in the Sun” with aspen trees, a beautiful blend of blues soft November creek with three beautifully colored chickadees forging in the snow. Just love it! No idea what year this painting is though thankfully your gallery information was intact on the back.

    • John Giddens

      Thank you very much Maureen. If you are in the area, we would be blessed to have you visit the Gallery. If not, enjoy all the art on my page, We also have several other artists’ work on the website.

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