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Darya FarralDarya Farral


Darya Farral was born in the Crimea, Ukraine. It’s a small but scenic peninsula with beautiful nature and rocky mountains surrounded by the Black sea.

Darya started painting very early, and it has always been her passion. After a workshop on oil painting she took in 2008, she realized that she loved the medium, and started taking online classes and workshops on oil painting. The nature around was always there to inspire her.

When Darya moved to US in 2015, the passion to paint got more time and inspiration — both by local landscapes and by memories of always being able to relax by the sea.

“I think that God gave us two gifts: first one is all the beauty of His creations; the second one is being able to appreciate it. My paintings are a tribute to the beauty of the world around, to the beauty that changes and nevertheless always stays there.”

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    A Storm Draws Near – Darya Farral


    A Storm Draws Near

    Framed 20 x 24"

    Oil on Canvas Panel


    I love how clouds look in approaching storms. There is so much definition you almost feel like you can touch them, like they are a solid thing. The colors in them bring a feeling of a cool breeze and the smell of rain. I also love the colors in deep water. Couple this with the clouds and it makes for a thick blend of color and feeling.

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    A Day on the Trail – Darya Farral


    A Day on the Trail

    Framed 23 x 28"

    Oil on Canvas Panel


    Classic Roccoco landscapes inspired the perspective and airy feeling of this painting. My new home in Texas gave it the rest.