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Paintings of animals and wildlife.

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  • The Matriarch – Regina Davis


    The Matriarch

    Gallery Wrap 36 x 30″

    Oil on linen

    SOLD and now lives in Flower Mound, Tx 

    “This painting is about women empowerment – to own the capacity to tame our emotions and use them to our benefit”

  • Panther City – Christina Fitch


    Panther City

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 20″


    “Fort Worth, TX is often referred to as “Panther City.” In the late 1800’s a Dallas attorney, who spent some time in Ft. Worth, insulted the city by saying it was such a sleepy city that he saw panthers sleeping in the middle of the downtown street. The citizens of Ft. Worth embraced the panther as a symbol of hope and strength. This painting depicts a downtown Fort Worth street scene in the 1950’s, complete with a sleeping panther.”

  • Fishy Fishy – Kelly Gowan


    Fishy Fishy

    Floater Framed 6.5 x 6.5″ 

    Acrylic and Gold Leaf on wood canvas

    “An adorable cute fishy abstract. This painting makes me think of brighter lighter days somewhere near water!  It comes professionally framed in a gold floater frame to match the gold fishy!”

  • Deer – Kelly Gowan



    Gallery Wrap Canvas 48 x 30″

    Acrylic Mixed Media

    “This painting is ‘Deer’ to my heart. I live in the piney woods of East Texas where we see these beautiful animals on a daily basis, along with so much wildlife. This painting was done over 2 yrs.  Each section of the deer was individually painted and had to dry before moving to the next section of its body.”  

  • Angel Care – Betty Grummer


    Angel Care

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 36″

    Acrylic  Collage on Canvas

    “Angels are known to be invisible and at times visible. They are messengers and protectors. Here I have shown one as a protector and also a comfort to a little lost lamb.”

  • Butterfly with Geraniums – Betty Grummer


    Butterfly with Geraniums

    Gallery Wrap 11 x 14″

    Acrylic on Wood

    “I was inspired to paint this simple little butterfly after visiting a conservatory where a multitude of butterflies were living among flowers and lush foliage. At a special event they would be released into the outdoors.”

  • Lone Star Longhorn – Betty Watkins


    Lone Star Longhorn

    Framed 43 x 33″


    Out in a Texas sunset a lone star appears; and glowing in its fading light, stands a starry eyed Longhorn.

  • Birds of Prey – Betty Watkins


    Birds of Prey

    Framed 23 x 30″


    You can almost feel the excitement of these eagles as they prepare to go on a hunt for prey.

  • The Good Land – Sara Joseph


    The Good Land

    Framed 17.5 x 21.5″


    1 Chronicles 4:40

  • Kissing Birdman – Betty Watkins


    Kissing Birdman

    Gallery Wrap 24 x 30″


    This is a whimsical painting about what might be going on in Birdman’s head as he steals a kiss from Birdwoman.

  • Butterfly Garden – Betty Watkins


    Butterfly Garden

    Gallery Wrap 30 x 24″


    This is just a guess that, “what goes on in a mystical butterfly garden, stays in a mystical butterfly garden.” 

  • Bluebonnet Fluff – Fran Chausse White


    Bluebonnet Fluff

    Framed 15 x 12″


    The fluffball came and watch us artists paint Bluebonnets in his neighborhood! He was unaware that he was the model.