624 South Main Street
Grapevine, Texas 76051
(817) 488-8600

Hours:  Tues - Sat11am - 6pm

Call for Artists

Giddens Gallery is continuously reviewing portfolios and interviewing artists interested in joining the Gallery in marketing their art.

Contact the Gallery, 817-488-8600 or cheriegiddens@juno.com, for an appointment/interview.

Resident Artists Testimonies

“Giddens Fine Art Gallery is professional to its client/patron and the artist they represent. The location is prime for foot traffic. The space is light and airy so visitors are able to study each piece carefully.  Art is rotated regularly and never boring. Owners John and Cherie are friendly, knowledgeable about the works, artist and the “art world” today.  Artists are a family and wish well for each other to grow. It’s an atmosphere that makes other galleries envy. You must experience it for yourself.”
Cynthia Medanich

“My experience with Giddens Gallery has been most rewarding.  Cherie and John have been warm and hospitable “hosts”.  They are both very easy to work with and amenable to suggestions.  The other artists in the gallery are some of the greatest people I have been around.  They bring an impressive mix of styles and media to our clients.  From my experience it is truly a first class operation without being elitist.”
Jerome Weilmuenster

“Giddens Gallery of Fine Art has widened my client base this past year.  With their interactive monthly gallery receptions, clients are invited to enjoy a wide variety of fine art in beautiful surroundings while noshing and sipping.
As an artist, Cherie Giddens is an enthusiastic proprietor for those new to collecting as well as the more experienced.
Both Cherie and John are involved with the city, art community and always reaching out to a broader audience both electronically and face-to-face.
This has been my favorite and most profitable gallery association thus far.”
Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl

“As a professional artist, I have found that Giddens Gallery has offered an excellent type of venue. The location is excellent, the gallery is beautiful, and the owners are gems.  I have the upmost confidence in their integrity and never worry about damage or loss of my paintings, delinquent or incorrect payment of sales.  Honesty, integrity and business principles reign at Giddens Gallery. It is these values that brought success to my art career and it is an honor to be associated with such an upstanding gallery with the same values.”
Ruth Francis















Comments to “Call for Artists”

  1. Are you looking for artists? I’m looking around in the Dallas area to see if there is a good fit for my work. I was represented by the Wall Gallery in Dallas, but unfortunately they went out of business.

    If you’re interested in my work, could you tell me more about your gallery.