Rolling In – Naomi Brotherton


Rolling In

Matted 26 x20″


Naomi grew up in Palestine, Texas, where her father worked for the railroad.  Some of her fondest memories were of the railroad and her train rides.  Naomi painted a series of trains and railroad memorabilia.  This is the last of her train paintings available for sale.

Naomi Brotherton, SWS,NOW, WFWS, TWS, has retired from painting do to age and loss of her vision.  Naomi, 101 years old, is a national acclaimed artist and 7 year resident artist at Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine.  Giddens Gallery has been granted the privilege of offering her remaining works at 50% discount to collectors, designers and Fine Art enthusiast.  This painting, priced at $500, can be purchased for $250.  Several other of her works are still available at Giddens Gallery. Beautiful is her work and if you purchase art as an investment, her work is a good one.

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