Deco Peacock – Jill Danahey

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Deco Peacock

Gallery Wrap 24 x 36″

Acrylic on Canvas

“I love the flat, decorative feel of Art Deco.  I love pattern and bright colors, so a competition of painting my interpretation of a peacock was perfect for this style.  The repeating pattern and vibrant colors of the feathers are in line with one of my favorite times in art and architecture.”

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1 review for Deco Peacock – Jill Danahey

  1. Jay P. Smith

    We have all seen peacocks at zoos, or special parks that allow these beautiful birds to wander. Jill has captured this creature with a beautiful flow of colors. It takes a true artist to capture the majesty of a peacock’s regal look; and she captured it in a word, beautifully.

    • John Giddens

      Thanks, Jay, for your kind and encouraging words to Jill.

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