Cherie Giddens

Creating the illusion of Texture and Light with Watercolor

Cherie has always had a love for creating. Much of her career has been as an art teacher in public and private schools. Her love for inspiring others in their creativity has been a constant source of joy.

“I’ve been passionate about watercolor since my first watercolor class in college. I love the way watercolor flows and mixes on the paper. These are the surprises of shape and color I use to create the illusions of Light and Texture in my work. I love to work out a painting until it comes to life.”

Cherie holds a Bachelor degree in Art and Education from Texas Tech University and has studied at Savannah College of Art & Design. Her work with watercolor has gained her numerous awards in The Trinity Arts League and Southwestern Watercolor Society of which she is a Signature Member. She has developed the art curriculum for several private schools and has taught adult watercolor classes and workshops.

Her clients include private homes, collections, schools and businesses. She has done numerous commissioned pieces for both clients and friends.

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. For me, creating works of art is the best way I know to praise Him. It allows me to communicate to others what I’ve experienced in God’s creative handiwork.”

Cherie Giddens' Artwork

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Showing all 24 results