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Floor Show – Naomi Brotherton

Floor Show - Sized

Floor Show

Framed 31 x 41


Oh, there it was… my next subject, a beautiful potted begonia plant begging to be painted.  My studio partner had brought it for his class to arrange on a small table but he had left it on the floor.  I liked the unusual concept of looking down on it like a map. So I started painting on the nearest watercolor paper without much thought about the placement on the rectangle.  The color was working well, so I laid another paper next to it so as to include the other objects on the floor. The long stems of the lotus pods helped establish the floor concept. This became a diptych. The two paintings could be framed separately, each signed by the artist, and hung side by side, or framed together as shown. Together they make a unique design.

Six Waves Pedestal – Jerome Weilmuenster

Six Waves - sized

Six Waves Pedestal

39” x 13” 300 Pieces of Pine wood

Oak Leaf Pedestal – Jerome Weilmuenster

Oak - Leaf - sized

Oak Leaf Pedestal

39” x 15” Oak wood

Wild and Breezy – Cherie Giddens

Wild and Breezy - sized

Wild and Breezy  

Framed 36 x 26


Follow the Lead – Paula Pillow

Follow the Lead- sized

Follow the Lead

Gallery Wrap 36 x 36

Water media and Collage 

The painting name is by my 8 year old granddaughter, Layton Pillow.

Sunset at Sea – Betty Watkins

Sunset at Sea - Sized

Sunset at Sea

Framed 26 x 32


The Sojourner – Sara Joseph

The Sojourner - Sized

The Sojourner

24 x 36

Polymer Clay Relief On Multi Media Board

We could not fathom being pilgrims on earth if the precious words from the Bible did not instruct us to view life differently. As an artist, I revel in things I can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Yet the divine words describe a more potent reality–one that defies our senses. “Look in faith!” they urge us. So let us press on to a world framed by God’s promises. Then we will glimpse eternity, the brevity of our lives and the urgency of our destinies.

Snow Falling on Aspen – Linda Smith

Snow Falling on Aspen - sized

Snow Falling on Aspen

Gallery Wrap 36 x 12


This painting was created in the winter, after spending time in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.

Cascading Waters – Linda Smith

Cascading Waters- sized

Cascading Waters

Gallery Wrap 18 x 36


This incredible waterfall was spotted high in the Rocky Mountains.

Moon Flower – Naomi Brotherton

Moon Flower - Matted - 3817 - Sized

Moon Flower

Framed 33 x 47



True to its name, "Moon Flower" (Jimson weed) blossoms only open in the middle of the night. With flash lights and cameras, we got images of the full bloom in progress, which lasted till the sun touched its petals next morning. The painting depicts the blooming process life size from left to right…dusk to dawn.