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Texas Proud – Jackie Railsback

Texas Proud - Frame & sized

Texas Proud

Framed 23 x 21


Spring in Texas brings with it an extravagant display of wild flowers.  A road trip is a must to see the palette of shapes and colors and to view the spectacle of road sides and hills that are blanketed with them.  The palette of God is beyond amazing. As an artist and a Texan, this year’s road trip was won by the Bluebonnet (official state flower) because of its beauty and I am “Texas Proud”.  As summer is next, I can’t wait to see what God has to show me on this years’ palette of color.

Smith Family Home Nocturne – Naomi Brotherton

Smith Family Home Nocturne - Sized

Smith Family Home Nocturne

Framed 23 x 27


Depicting the mystery of night is the objective in the night scenes which I have painted for many years. The dark silhouettes away from the single light source lets the viewer imagine what is in those deep shadows, giving it Mystery.

Sippin’ Time – Naomi Brotherton

Sippin’ Time - Sized

Sippin’ Time

Framed 21 x 25

Watercolor collage

As I was destroying what I had judged as an unsuccessful painting, I noticed a completely different and interesting picture developing on the table top with the torn edges forming a white lace holding the parts together like a net.

The original painting was to suggest, with its bright colors the temptation to taste the different wines. Studying and adjusting it over a year, it finally was complete.

Midnight Fall – Paula Pillow

Midnight Fall- sized

Midnight Fall

Gallery Wrap 24 x 30

Water media and Collage

The painting name is by my 8 year old granddaughter, Layton Pillow.

Morning Coffee – Paula Pillow

Morning Coffee - sized

Morning Coffee

Gallery Wrap 24 x 30

Water media and Collage

The painting name is by my 8 year old granddaughter, Layton Pillow.

Day at the Arboretum, Dallas – Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl

Day at the Arboretum, Dallas - Sized

Day at the Arboretum, Dallas

Gallery Wrap 30 x 24


Pienza Villas, Tuscany – Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl

Pienza Villas, Tuscany - sized

Pienza Villas, Tuscany

Gallery Wray 12 x 36


Splash! – Linda Smith

Splash!. - sized


Framed 31 x 31


Powerful, surging ocean waters.

Sunrise on the Bay – Linda Smith

Sunrise on the Bay

Sunrise on the Bay

Gallery Wrap 30 x 30


This painting was inspired by a photo I took from our boat as we left the dock early in the morning for a fishing trip.

Prairie Sunset – Linda Smith

Praire Sunset - sized

Prairie Sunset

Gallery Wrap 30 x 24


This tranquill scene is reminiscent of Prairie and farmland vistas all across our country.