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Golfer’s Drone – Jay Garrison

Golfer's Drone- Sized

Golfer's Drone

Recycled Objects

Whimsical Creation

Crimson Sky – Betty Watkins

Crimson Sky - sized

Crimson Sky

Framed 24 x 20


“This painting was inspired by photographs taken in Kauai.  I really love the way the waves are caught by the wind as they come rolling into the shore.  It makes for the perfect tropical vacation spot.”

Rough Sea – Betty Watkins

Rough Sea - sized

Rough Sea

Gallery Wrap 16 x 12


Capturing the motion of waves in a turbulent sea.

Wild Waters – Betty Watkins

Wild Waters - sized

Wild Waters

Gallery Wrap 16 x 12


Capturing the motion of waves in a turbulent sea.

Little Angel – Jerome Weilmuenster

Little Angel - sized

Little Angel

12” x 12” Hand carved wood 

Willow Bowl – Jerome Weilmuenster

Willow Bowl - sized

Willow Bowl

9” x 10” Willow Wood

Forest Greens – Jill Danahey

Forest Greens - sized

Forest Greens

Framed 14 x 20


Hot Air Hooligan – Jay Garrison

Hot Air Hooligan - Alone

Hot Air Hooligan

22" L x 12" W x 25" H

Recycled Objects

RECYCLED OBJECTS USED:  World globe, wooden desk accessory, part of landscape light fixture, tin cans, aluminum fan blade, spatula, candle holders, wristwatch, circuit boards, Christmas tree lights, typewriter and computer parts, parts of miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, plus many more small items.

Rogue Racer – Jay Garrison

Rogue Racer

Rogue Racer

Recycled Objects

Whimsical Creation

Mini Sub 3 – Jay Garrison

Mini Sub 3

Mini Sub 3

Recycled Objects

Whimsical Creation